Operating under a new student-led system, the Boiling Springs High School marching band is ready for another year, said band director Robert Cotter.

Cotter said he put the day-to-day direction of each section into the hands of a student leadership team this year to give the musicians and other performers more ownership of the show.

“The students have really taken on that responsibility and kind of run away with it,” he said. “They’ve run their own stretching, and warm-ups, and basics, and all of these other things, and the band is better for it.”

Jonathan Arcamone, a junior, is a drum major with the band. He said the new structure has been an exciting change and the band has been improving quickly.

“We’ve all been working together and I think we’ve made a lot of progress so far,” he said.

Andrew Brown, a senior, is the band’s captain and said he’s excited for the upcoming year.

“Our biggest goals this year are student leadership and staying positive and maintaining progress throughout the season,” he said.

Cotter said he brought in a tai-chi master to train the band and plans to incorporate the movements into this year's show to produce a visually interesting performance.

“I think that visual aspect is what we’re looking to progress the most on,” he said.

Cotter said about a third of the band are new members who have progressed quickly and become a valuable part of the performance and the returning students are working hard to make the show the best it can be.

“They are really getting after it,” he said. “They see a challenge as an opportunity to get better. And the leadership of this band is just phenomenal."