Nonsense. A word most likely derived from making no sense, at least that would seem practical, don’t you think?

Last week a dear friend received a letter from D.O.T. claiming that during Christmas someone witnessed a person tossing a cigarette from her car window in Raleigh while driving on I-40. The problem? She was nowhere near Raleigh during Christmas. The two-page letter went on to explain that a fellow driver reported her license plate number and it is certainly possible that this was done in error, but if not, she needed to know the penalties for littering. First, a warning letter, second a $500 fine and third offense would be $1,000 fine. Holy smokes. Now the letter did go on to explain since the act was not witnessed by a law enforcement officer she could not really be fined but this was a warning. The oddest thing included in the letter? A large white, non-recyclable trash bag. The envelope the letter was mailed in had a plastic coating too. If D.O.T. is really so concerned with the environment shouldn’t the notice have been sent on a postcard made of recycled material that would decompose naturally?

The Democratic Party in Virginia must be bored and looking for some excitement. Why, in a time of prosperity and good will, should a political party want to punish law abiding citizens in order to teach criminals a lesson? What does this sound like? You guessed it, nonsense.

You cannot pay your cable bill without a photo ID (yes, this too is nonsense — if a stranger wants to pay my bill, please let them), you cannot pick up a prescription, purchase alcohol or cigarettes or cash a check without photo ID. NC DMV will provide free photo IDs to people who don’t drive but who live in the state. Who in our society does not have a photo ID? I’m very confused by this. If you are 18 years of age or older don’t you want a photo ID? I’ve heard of people wanting to stay off the grid but this sounds a little like nonsense to me.

Remember customer service? What ever happened to that? I guess it went away with manners and common courtesy. I contacted my TV/internet supplier the other day by phone. I explained in great detail the services I currently have and that I would like to learn about the options to save money. The first sentence from the woman? Are you a customer of ours now or will this be new service? Click.

When a restaurant serves pork chops but doesn’t offer apple sauce. Nonsense.

When a property tax bill is sent out three months late but the due date remains the same. Nonsense.

When a person moves to an area and does so because they love it, but the first thing they want to do is change it into the place they moved away from. Nonsense.

When a farmer loses a million dollar crop of hemp that he was licensed to grow because the local officials thought it was regular marijuana. Nonsense.

When people are so afraid of the term “Second Amendment Sanctuary” that they believe it means that criminals will be given safe haven. Wrong and pure nonsense. Supporting our Constitution is one of our great freedoms, don’t learn that too late, please.

Remember knowledge is power and in this day and age of too much information and no real fact checking, understand that a lot of it is pure nonsense, so just laugh a bit more and question things in the right way and we will all be better for it.

Dorothy Royal is the owner of Surf City Guns and Ammo, mother of two wonderful children, ringmaster of a herd of miniature ponies and an avid member of the Surf City Writers Group and Topsail Book Club.