The state of Virginia is in an uproar and it’s a good one. Law abiding citizens are facing a reality that they may be losing their rights sooner than later. With a full panel of democratic lawmakers, new laws and restrictions are being put on paper. I can only hope that before anyone votes on any of this proposed legislation that they read what exactly is written. We all expect politicians to know and understand what is going on, but unfortunately I can site quite a few examples where the politicians in Maryland had no clue before stripping the rights of thousands, in a very similar act.

One of the most disturbing sections in the proposed restrictions is eliminating classes that instruct firearm training and safety (including hunting programs for youth) as well as self-defense classes.

Let’s play “How does this make sense?” round one!

In the state of Maryland, an AR-15 style rifle model 316 echo made by Delton (out of Elizabethtown, NC) is on the banned list. It states that this firearm resembles the type of firearm (AR-15) that is no longer acceptable in the state. The irony? The same rifle, Model 316 echo with an MLOK rail (this is nothing more than a rail that goes on a firearm to enable quick attach and detach of accessories such as a grip or flashlight) is perfectly legal and allowed since it does not resemble an AR-15. (same exact gun – different accessory) Ahhhhhh, what?

Anderson Manufacturing has two rifles on this list. One is the AM-15 rifle in .556 caliber which is banned since it resembles the Colt AR15 and the AM-15 in .300 black out which is allowed since it is not a copy of the Colt AR15 (same exact gun – different caliber). Note: AM stands for Anderson Manufacturing, just like AR stands for Armalite (not assault rifle) which is the company that created the platform.

Colt Manufacturing, known world-wide is on this list too. Want to own a Colt rifle in Maryland? Make sure it is the Heavy Barrel version (not banned) compared to the exact same rifle with a standard barrel (Colt 6920) since it claims that it is a copy of the banned assault weapon.

Holy smokes, do any of these fools have a clue what they are doing? My answer is simple – no.

Don’t believe me? Please visit (Maryland State Police) and you can see a list by manufacturers and all this fun information for yourself.

Last year a council meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina took center stage with social media around the world. Mark Robinson, a hard-working, law abiding family man had enough. Not yet a gun owner, Mr. Robertson was interested in visiting the next gun show at the Greensboro coliseum when he learned that the council was considering stopping the gun show due to political influence. Outraged to be lumped together with criminals that abuse the law, he voiced his opinion and it resonated. If you haven’t yet heard this amazing speech, now known as “I am the majority”, just Google Mark Robinson and the Greensboro council meeting.

Interested in meeting this amazing gentleman? He will be at the Greenville Gun Show this Sunday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Stop by and say hello.

Remember knowledge is power, expecting others to know better is dangerous and we need to keep an eye to our North to make sure their rights are not infringed.

Dorothy Royal is the owner of Surf City Guns and Ammo, mother of two wonderful children, ringmaster of a herd of miniature ponies and an avid member of the Surf City Writers Group and Topsail Book Club.