Did society change when the dinner bell stopped ringing?

As a kid we didn’t have smart phones (or any kind of cell phones), we didn’t stare at pictures that other people shared tirelessly and compare our lives to them, we didn’t wait in anticipation for someone to like something we said, we simply waited to hear the dinner bell to know it was time to go home.

I haven’t heard a dinner bell in years and I’m wondering, is that when everything started to change, and not necessarily for the better?

When we go to the doctors (or the hospital) we have an expectation that things have been cleaned and sterilized to prevent the spread of germs. Isn’t that what we have always been taught? A hospital in Indiana had to send letters to 1,000 people informing them that during a 6 month period this year, a sterilizing technician missed a crucial step in the cleaning process, possibly exposing people to hepatitis, HIV and other diseases during surgery. The hospital says the risks are low, but that doesn’t ease the panic in those receiving those letters.

Trying to eat healthy? Did you know that over 75,000 pounds of salad products are being recalled due to the risk of E.coli contamination? Shipped to 22 states in late October, including North Carolina, these items are packaged as “Ready Pac Bistro Chicken Caesar Salads”. Check your fridge!

When I was a kid several cars got great fuel mileage. Remember the Datsun B210? 39 mpg city and 51 mpg on the highway? What happened to those cars? Why now are we thrilled to get 25 mpg? Isn’t this an obvious slip backward in progress?

Several more counties, including those in Virginia, are jumping on the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary status. For those of you with law abiding loved ones or friends in Virginia, the politicians are about to punish them worse than the criminals with SB-16. This bill would restrict magazine capacity, create a term “assault firearm” (this is a bad one), and strip away rights without doing anything to prevent crime. When will people understand that stripping rights is never a gun thing, but a dangerous one?

Looking for great gift ideas this holiday season? Gift certificates can ease a lot of the stress while offering the person who receives it options. Not sure what kind of ammo a person needs? Not sure what size holster they are wanting? Confused about which model shotgun they asked for? Simple, a gift certificate takes the burden off your shoulders.

Did you know it is legal to “gift” someone a firearm in North Carolina? The rule is simple, you must be able to prove they are legally allowed to possess a firearm. In some cases this is as easy as knowing they have a NC conceal and carry or purchase permit or your personal knowledge (such as the person being a spouse or child). Want to be extra sure? Have the person come and pick up the firearm themselves which requires them to do all the paperwork.

Remember knowledge is power, the dinner bell was simple and important, and cake, once again, is proving itself healthier than salad or surgery (ha ha).

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and remember to hold off talking about politics at the table until after dessert and if you are looking for a great stress reliever, Axe throwing is the way of the future!

Dorothy Royal is the owner of Surf City Guns and Ammo, mother of two wonderful children, ringmaster of a herd of miniature ponies and an avid member of the Surf City Writers Group and Topsail Book Club.