When hunting, not only do you have to be careful about where you walk or how you carry your firearm, but sometimes you have to be careful about what you are hunting. A man in Haywood County learned not to mess with a bear when after his friend shot it up in a tree, the 350 pound bear fell and starting attacking him, eventually the two rolled off a cliff. The man survived and the bear was found dead the next day. What is the lesson learned? Don’t stand under a tree when a 350 pound bear is above you!

The dreaded AR-15 made the news this week. This time is was not dreaded, but the tool used to protect a family from armed gunmen. Mrs. King, a woman who is eight months pregnant, was hiding in a room of her home while her husband was being assaulted by two armed men that had broken into her home. One of the men then grabbed her 11-year-old daughter. Game on. The woman grabbed the AR-15, firing a shot and hitting one of the criminals. The two men ran from the house and the man who was shot was later found dead in a ditch. The moral of the story? Every person has the right to protect themselves, and thank goodness this family is safe.

A woman wrote on Facebook how she witnessed a young female driver at a local school doing some things that may lead to a car wreck. She watched as the young driver dropped off a younger child at the middle school and then proceeded to the high school. The woman followed her and when the young driver parked, the woman rolled down her window and calmly expressed her concern to the young woman about what she had witnessed. As a parent herself she wanted to make the young girl understand that her actions affected everyone, not just herself. The young driver immediately called her parent. The woman actually recorded the event to prevent any future misunderstanding. After she posted this story, another woman chimed in that she had no right to confront that young driver and that if it had been her child that her “momma bear” would have come out. Now let’s hold on here. The biggest problem today with our youth is that everyone makes excuses for everything. Parents want to be friends, not the authority. This is leading to a mess and we all know it. I, of course, had to put in my two-cents. I expressed how as a parent of young drivers I would much prefer a fellow parent express their concerns to my child, hoping some of the information given would be absorbed, then to get a phone call from a police officer about my child being in a crash (or worse).

We are supposed to be a community, no matter where you live. We are supposed to look out for each other. Elders are supposed to give valuable information to younger people, since that is how we learn. Why is everyone so hostile about just admitting that sometimes we don’t do the right thing and if someone sees that, shouldn’t they have the right to say something without getting their head bit off?

Life is simple. We are all responsible for our own actions and each action has a reaction. Part of the plan.

Remember knowledge is power and if a giant bear is above you in a tree move out of the way, if someone breaks into your home and/or harms your family you have the right to defend yourself, and sometimes parents need to calm down and let their kids get reprimanded by others in the community. Didn’t we as children?

Dorothy Royal is the owner of Surf City Guns and Ammo, mother of two wonderful children, ringmaster of a herd of miniature ponies and an avid member of the Surf City Writers Group and Topsail Book Club.