Steve Chapman’s “War on Women’s Autonomy” didn’t mention the clear evidence of sexism at work. The overwhelming number of state legislators and governors are male. Few women’s voices ever heard.

Trump today: destroying foreign policy - empowering racism - ignoring climate change - hurting consumers - shredding democracy - no transparency - loving despots - assaulting allies. Do you want this for your children' s future?

Sure buzzer.. just send your kids to school and let the teachers teach them manners. Obviously you are a horrible parent and therein lies the problem. I feel bad for the teacher.

Democrats condemn Trump and his supporters because they do demean vilify or dehumanize others while they claim to be Christians. Blasphemous liars, like bullies, must be held accountable and identified

None of the Democratic candidates could do what Trump is doing in foreign affairs, and none of the presidents before him could either. He's got more guts than them all.

Belville colluded with H2GO. Courts said no. Belville appealed. Should they lose appeal, let Belville taxpayers foot Leland's legal bills. Leland taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for Belville's folly.

Interesting facts: Adlai Stevenson almost had to cancel run for president in 1952 because of having one divorce. Trump: Married 3 times, 4 bankruptcies, FIVE deferments. Look it up, GOP.

Dump Trump, Rouzer, Burr and bathroom Bishop too. NC can do better. We the people don’t want fracking. We want to keep tourism

Another dumb Trump tweet: "Such an easy way to avoid Tariffs? Make or produce your goods and products in the good old USA." Who should, China? Manufacture everything here?

The term Politically Correct is nothing more than liberalism.The lgbgt community is only 4% of NC population. Why all the hoopla about bathroom bill.

Trump promised he’d run the country like his business and he's keeping his word by running annual deficits of over one trillion dollars. MAGA (Making America Grovel Again).

Chief witch hunter Gerald Nadler has been in government forever. Of 460 bills he introduced in Congress, two were made law. A 9/11 Memorial and naming a Post Office. Outstanding.

So Wilmington, NC has clean air but contaminated drinking water? Very alarming and not being addressed by city and county leaders.

The "in focus" blurb in the lower right-hand corner of Sunday's TV Weekly continues to pitch "My Great Big Live Wedding With David Tutera," premiering on Lifetime on Feb. 5.

Classic Socialism: Trump demanding $15 Billion to reimburse farmers for lost grain sales caused by stupid Tariff War.. Where's our tariff welfare checks? Maybe you can buy our votes too!

Didn't think it was possible but sports page reached a new level of ineptitude. Monday paper has big write-up on golf winner, but scores listed are only for 2 rounds!!!!

Like the wall (at the military's expense), only American taxpayers will pay for tariffs (tax increase). POTUS does not comprehend global economics, claims credit for good, blames others for bad.

A law should be created that any unwed woman giving birth must undergo a DNA test to reveal the father and that father given a minimum 2 year prison term.

As far as the stock market going up and down, remember that the Donald giveth and the Donald taketh away. In the Biblical way.

Betting most anti-teacher buzzs are coming from Trumpsters. Their man said he loves uneducated people.

Republicans boasting about robust economy and low unemployment conveniently forget to mention the two trillion dollar price tag.When the "sugar high "wears off we will still owe that money.

Records show the only time Fred Trump lost money was when he invested in his son. ‘The Donald’ has always been a lousy businessman and con-man extraordinaire. Game is up!

If the average Democrat isn't greatly disturbed about how top officials in the government used a fabricated story to try and unseat President Trump, the country is in serious peril.

The U.S. government collects tariff money from U.S. importers, then U.S. consumers pay the same amount to those importers in higher prices for goods. Trump is raising your taxes!

Boeing Corporation stock dropped due to 737MAX airplane crashes and China tariffs. Guess they could now use the $25 billion Iran order that Trump forced cancelled.

Universal healthcare fear: rationing. We already have it. Example: reconstruction after breast cancer surgery covered but not purely cosmetic breast implants. Need thoughtful societal choices. What do we most value?

The 2019 NC House budget adds 1.5 million for a MLK 100ft spire in Fayetteville. Lets be green and recycle Silent Sam. Just change the face. Taxpayer savings

We have a president engaged in a serious trade war with China and he doesn't know Americans will pay for the tariffs as taxes on goods. Not to mention a huge hit to stock market. Not good.

Buzzer claimed law states you "must" pass bicyclists at 4'! Why are North Carolina's, including officers, not arrested everyday I ride? Laws only for poor and non-governmental "showups" (workers? Laughable?)

How about Dems asking China, Iran and others to hack Russia for Trump dirt. They can also use social media to assist in election and we can repay them later. Fair play?