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For those who complain about lack of turn signal use, give these people a break. You cannot text and use turn signals at the same time.

Grocery store owners provide special parking for handicap, veterans, mothers with young children. Why isn't there special parking for senior citizens who have difficulty walking a long way to shop?

I almost burst out laughing when I read the Buzz about Limbaugh being an accurate source of news. Then I realized the Buzzard was serious.

Earth-first zealot opposer: enjoying the comforts of AC at home or in a vehicle has virtually nothing to do with protecting our environment, our drinking water, our coastline, etc.

Letter writer rants Boy Scouts membership change admitting girls is, "another effort to demonize men and boys," and (a) "malicious attempt by radicals to categorize all men as evil." What?

If environmentalists would stop interfering in our pipelines and drilling, we would have more supply and lower prices.

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is suing Chemours and Dupont to recoup costs associated with GenX. What is Brunswick County doing to recoup their costs?

Veterans prefer treatment at VA facilities. VA doctors understand their unique challenges. Veterans find camaraderie and a mutual support system at a VA clinic they won't find elsewhere.

As an unaffiliated voter, I find it hard to believe board of education is party-affiliated. I had to make a choice on which ballot -- Congress or board. Both are important.

Hey, John Kerry, you got us nothing with Iran. Sit down. You and Obama had your chance and were taken to the cleaners.

I noticed an encampment of homeless people downtown on the river walk across from the Boathouse Restaurant. They need to remove them to another location. They are the only restrooms.

Baseball is a kid’s game spoiled by adults. This is true for all levels of play. Proven by the situation with the Topsail baseball team. Only hurting the kids!

The MSM never ceases to amaze. A 77-year-old school bus driver falsely accused of sexual impropriety resigns. The MSM is surprised. You report the news?

There are exceptions to a rule in certain situations. Common sense should prevail when it can harm an individual. Topsail player and team should be reinstated to playoffs.

May 9 SN picture says a thousand words. Check equipment disparity between Hoggard boys and girls lacrosse. Come on, coach and parents -- fix this.

NH school board's “old guard" has finally been broken up. There will be a new member, hopefully a new majority, and new chair. Can we also get a new superintendent?

Thank you, StarNews, for providing rating stars for Cinematique movies. I've seen some of the best movies there and walked out on two of the worst.

Schools closed Wednesday to allow teachers to rally. Poor students. Most companies cancel leave requests if it interrupts business.

To hear national anthem done right, one had to be at UNCW's recent graduation. Congratulations to Daniel Paparozzi for the best rendition in years. Thankfully, no voice gymnastics!