Name: Mitchell Grantham

Years surfing: 50

Goofy or Regular: Goofy.

What kind of boards do you use? 9-4 Robert August wingnut, 7-6 Robert August corky carroll.

Who taught you to surf? Self-taught.

What is your coolest wipeout story? Hurricane swell ... headed down the line and was cut up. I had to super glue my top lip gash and paddled back out.

What is your favorite time of the year? Early fall.

Are there any far away places you have surfed or would like to surf? Eight breaks in Oahu, Hawaii, three breaks in Jaco, Costa Rica, two breaks in San Diego.

Is there anything else about surfing you want people to know? Always respect the locals, share the waves, every day in the line up is a good day.

What is the best advice another surfer gave you? In Hawaii, fall flat.

Do you have any shark or sea creature stories? On my 60th birthday I had a goal of catching 60 waves that day paddled out mid morning with several friends. ... As the number was around 50, every one had gone in but me and one other when the man in the gray suit showed.

George Howard is an avid surfer who moved to Topsail Island 20 years ago, opening the family-owned On Shore Surf Shop in Surf City in 1997.