A sand berm push will begin along North Topsail Beach in the next couple of weeks.

The Town of North Topsail Beach announced the push in a press release this week and stated it will stretch from St. Moritz condos to Topsail Reef condos, approximately six miles of beach total.

“Any storm that hits us is going to do damage to the dunes and we’ve probably needed it, I don’t want to say since Dorian, but that and the Nor’easters that come through added up to us needing it,” according to North Topsail Beach Town Clerk Laura Oxley.

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Oxley said the town did work like this post-Florence as well.

The release stated it is not a dune project and property owners should not expect dune-like mounds; a berm is defined as an artificial ridge or embankment.

“The difference in the two is that a dune is a bigger profile expectation for people,” Oxley said. “With this, a berm push or beach scrape as some contractors call it, is just going about a foot into the beach and pushing it up like a smaller version of a dune.”

The timeline for the project will heavily depend on the weather conditions but the town hopes to have it completed by March 31, according to the release.

The town is still working toward a dune project in the future with hopes of receiving federal funding for it.

If property owners would like their land to be excluded from the push, they need to fill out a form at https://forms.gle/YS8xucJ3NTsfXW3VA. If not, it will be included in the push automatically.