A 6-year-old, yes a 6-year-old child, was part of a “gang of thieves” that broke into a gun store in Wilson, North Carolina and stole 10 handguns. Did I mention the child was only 6? Now in most cases I would disregard this as a child who got dragged along on a crime spree, but apparently not. The problem? How do you charge a 6 year old with a crime? The oldest member of the gang? Just 16 years old. The rest of the group were 14 years old.

I love the water. I love lakes and rivers and oceans and even giant bird baths. I love to look at and admire the water, especially when it’s reflecting a sunrise or sunset. What I don’t like is flesh eating bacterial that is lurking in those waters, and now apparently has found its way into a recreational water park in Myrtle Beach. After scraping her arm at the bottom of a pool, a woman claims she contracted necrotizing fasciitis (sounds terrible). After a bunch of surgeries and now the loss of her arm, she has decided to sue for $1,000,000.

Area 51, how I long to see how this hoax plays out. Aren’t we all amused by the funny images of dolls riding on the backs of dogs (escaping area 51) or the image of a giant Dollar General store secretly hidden behind those tall sharp fences? A simple gesture made by a college student has now caught the attention and imagination of millions. Don’t believe in aliens from outer space? That’s fine, but just ponder these two questions. 1) How can mankind have evolved so quickly regarding technology in the last 50 years compared to the last 10,000? 2) Wouldn’t it be terrifying to think that humans are the highest form of life in the entire universe? Just topics for dinner chit chat tonight. You are welcome.

Oh no, did I say mankind? I should have said “party neutral non descriptive non-exclusive kind.” Laugh as you will but again the State of California is changing the way people communicate – and I don’t know who has the time to waste on such things but apparently they do. The words “manhole” and “manpower” will now be replaced with “maintenance hole” and “workforce” in Berkeley, California’s new municipal code. Think it ends there? Nope. Policeman and craftsmen are no longer allowed. There will be police officers and craftspeople. OMG does it keep going? Yes, it does! For your entertainment the words “sorority” and “fraternity” shall now be the very boring “collegiate Greek system residence” and still there is more! How dare you refer to someone as “he” or “she” (believe me people I wish I was making this up), from now on they shall be referred to by title such as “the attorney” or “the candidate” or the “criminal” – no wait, apparently criminal was never gender specific. Yay a word that can still be used! George Carlin must be spinning in his grave.

After all this nonsense I ask you to please refer to question number 2 regarding the idea that humans (wait can I still spell that since the word man is involved? - The answer is YES) are the highest form of intelligence in the universe. What a scary concept!

Remember knowledge is power, words are just symbols combined for the joy of communication, and people in some places take themselves way too seriously! Stay cool my friends.


Dorothy Royal is the owner of Surf City Guns and Ammo, mother of two wonderful children, ringmaster of a herd of miniature ponies and an avid member of the Surf City Writers Group and Topsail Book Club.