Be wary during times of emergency.

A man hired a mold remediation company (from out of state) to remove damaged materials from his home. He met them on the island and they started work right away. The problem? A few days later he received a bill for over $20,000 from the company for having to bring eight people down from up north to do the work. Of course he immediately called the company and refused to pay that fee based on the fact that they were all present when he gave them the work.

I cannot warn people enough that there are people out there who chase storms hoping to catch vulnerable people off guard. This is a terrible consequence of being in need of help. Sometimes a friendly face is just a disguise. If something feels wrong or you feel you have been wrongly charged, start making phone calls (building inspectors office, district attorney, your rental agency) and let your concerns be known.

9 p.m. Friday night, while driving through Jacksonville I commented how empty the streets were. My daughter said something very profound. She said, “Mom, people shop on line and they spend time on line with friends so they don’t need to go out anymore.” OMG – is this true?

I had to start doing some deep thinking about this and within minutes of research I found where you can now order McDonalds and pay with a phone app, pull into a designated parking space and “poof” your order arrives. In the battle of grocery stores, one new chain is offering home delivery. Convenient? Sure, but are we working ourselves into a society that no longer wants human contact? I’m afraid so.

During this election there are six amendments to the State Constitution that are, at the very least, somewhat confusing. I’m not sure whose advice to follow but in regards to the one protecting the rights of hunters (my simple version) it made me wonder.

Why do people have to pay to hunt or fish at all? No government on this planet created the oceans, the lakes, the forests or the mountains – so how can they justify charging a fee to use them, especially when it is for survival? We have let government get involved in way too much.

On a side note – my article from August about shortage of tradespeople has now been shared 100,000 times on Facebook. I don’t really know what this means but apparently it’s a great thing. For me it means that people still read and that is a win-win!

Remember knowledge is power and human contact is vital!


Dorothy Royal is the owner of Surf City Guns and Ammo, mother of two wonderful children, ringmaster of a herd of miniature ponies and an avid member of the Surf City Writers Group and Topsail Book Club.