Describe your professional experience that qualifies you for this job.

For the last 30 years, I have served the public daily in the Cumberland County Courthouse. That experience includes helping individuals daily with specific requests for information and help at all levels. My experience also includes managing teams of professionals whose job it is to serve the public each and every day. And I have served the public at the executive level in both the Register of Deeds office and as Clerk of Superior Court implementing strategies for improvement, developing new efficiencies, and training professionals to bring consistency to local government.

The state plans to shift from paper-based court records to electronic. What would you do, and why, to shifting to the electronic system and any other advancements?

Implementation of new technologies is important to providing the public efficient, transparent and effective access to our court system. Our state courts are currently in the process of across-the-bound implementation of digital filing and record keeping. The Cumberland County Clerk of Court's Office has consistently been at the forefront of new technology implementation and I have been committed to continuing technology advances. As clerk of court, I have worked with the state's Administrative Office of the Courts at every turn to make our team and resources available, and we will continue that effort. Going forward, we expect to be a leader in the implementation of digital delivery of services. Our office is committed to that effort to make our courts transparent and accessible to all citizens of Cumberland County.

Describe what you would like to do to make the office and the court system more accessible, easier and less costly for the public

As clerk of court, I have already assisted in the implementation of a new computer system which makes criminal court records accessible statewide and available for individual use via email. We continue to prepare and train for implementation of electronic filing in civil cases. During the last year, we have made our small claims court more accessible by streamlining the filing process and working to make the scheduling and hearing of small claims cases more efficient.

Going forward, we continue to be committed to putting technology and good, old-fashioned customer service from our team members to work each and every day for the citizens of Cumberland County.