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Town officials said Richlands was quiet Friday afternoon.

Gregg Whitehead, town manager, said a curfew is issued from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday and the town is trying to keep people safe.

"Be careful with water, don't drive through standing water," Whitehead said.

Richlands Police Chief Ron Lindig said things in town were quiet, and there were no reports of looting or other criminal activity.

Lindig said the most traffic happening were some residents trying to lift debris from the road.

"We don't recommend people do that sort of thing though," Lindig said.

Property damage so far in Richlands is pretty minor, according to Whitehead. He said they have only one report of a tree falling on a house, but debris and trees have fallen in the roadways.

He said several trees and telephone poles have fallen down, but had not heard of other damages as of Friday afternoon.

"We are going to get some flooding around us, but I'm not sure how many inches we've gotten -- hopefully it's not the 30 inches they are calling for," Whitehead said.

Whitehead said town hall would re-access whether to enforce another curfew Saturday morning.

"Just wait it out," Whitehead said.