It’s always more difficult to do the job of a detention officer when there’s a shortage of other officers helping out.

First Sgt. Cedric Spearmon, part of the Onslow County Jail administration, said it takes someone special to do the job. There are currently 100 detention officers and 12-to-15 administrative officers working at the jail with seven open detention officer positions available, according to the sheriff’s office. 

Spearmon had a panel of five scheduled for Friday to potentially hire a new detention officer, he said. It’s recommended those applying have military or corrections experience, but it isn’t necessary, he said. Detention officers are on a probationary period for one year after their hire and are sent to Coastal Carolina Community College for a month-long training.

Officers’ pay is based on experience and education and ranges from $14.81 to $19.25 per hour, according to the Onslow County Finance Office.

To apply, Spearmon said visit and click on employment in the bottom left corner of the screen. The job application link is open until March 24.