Updated at 12:02 p.m. to remove the name of a public relations representative who spoke to The Daily News without authorization.

No more overloaded potato soup for Onslow County. O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar closed its doors this week.

Tuesday, a team of employees from the restaurant were breaking down booths underneath the watchful eye of the brunette woman on the Onslow Beach painting that’s spread across an entire wall of the building for years.

The O’Charley’s name was removed from the front of the restaurant and employees moved around stacks of broken-down boxes where the hostess stand formerly stood.

The doors closed on Sunday, according to a spokesperson O’Charley’s.

It was the restaurant’s under-performance and the upcoming end-of-lease date that ultimately helped corporate make the final decision, according to a statement released from David Ellis, the vice president of marketing for O’Charley’s.

The company would not comment on any details pertaining to the ownership of the building or what will happen to it now.

According to Onslow County tax records, the 1270 Western Blvd. property is valued at $1,317,200; and the building is owned by The Charley Group LLC, which bought the property Feb. 27, 2009. The LLC’s registered agent is Betty Bullock and its managers are Bullock and John L. Pierce, according to information from the N.C. Department of the Secretary of State.

“This was a difficult decision and we appreciate our guests and the friends we have made over the years, and are thankful for our team members, who provided great food and excellent service to our guests,” Ellis wrote.

A spokesperson said the company is not disclosing when they made the decision to shut the restaurant down and also would not disclose what the company’s plans are for the booths and other furniture inside the building.

The company is assisting employees in the transition to new jobs, Ellis wrote. There were 50 employees, according to a company spokeswoman.