An 11-year-old Surf City resident is putting his abs to the test against Marines and local residents in a plank-off scheduled this week to continue to raise money for Holly Ridge resident Zebudy “Zeb” Carlyle who needs a kidney transplant.

Ethan Blevins has been selling his wrestling, boxing and Jiu Jitsu trophies and medals to help raise money for Jeb’s family to help with the cost of not only medical bills, but also travel expenses to UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill.

Ethan and Zeb were strangers. They didn’t know each other before Ethan began his fundraising efforts, Ethan’s dad Daniel Blevins said.

“We saw that a local was in need of some help and Ethan wanted to do something,” Blevins said.

So far Ethan has raised almost $1,800 for Zeb by selling his trophies and medals, he said.

Selling his trophies and medals was no big deal, Ethan said, because they are just things.

Ethan has been giving away his trophies and medals for six years, he said.

“I like to give them to people who tried their best and maybe didn’t get a medal,” Ethan said.

Helping Zeb is something he wants to do, Ethan said.

“Imagine if you were the one in the hospital and you wanted someone to help you,” he said.

Due to Ethan’s competitive nature, creating a fundraiser that would put his athletic abilities to the test as well as raise money was a perfect combination.

Ethan said he thought the plank off was a way to make more money the fastest.

It was also something Ethan and his dad thought everyone could do and knows how to do and might be more motivated to donate to give it a shot.

At the plank off people will try and hold a plank (a parallel position on their forearms and toes) the longest, with a chance to win Ethan’s Pan American Champions Belt, something he won at one of the biggest Jiu Jitsu tournaments in the country, Blevins said.

Anyone is allowed to try and beat Ethan, Blevins said, but only those who donate will have a crack at taking home Ethan’s belt.

A plank is a piece of cake, Ethan said.

That is why Ethan is “calling out the Marines,” Blevins said.

“Ethan is very competitive and this is something he is very good at,” he said. “The Marines are supposed to be the most in shape and will be the best challenge.”

Ethan is confident that the Marines will be no match for him, he said.

Buy in for the plank off is $20 for adults and $3 for children.

Other donations are also welcome on site.

Donations can also be made the Zeb’s gofundme page,

The gofundme has raised $2,500 so far.

Ethan will award medals to second and third place winners, with his belt going to the top time holder.

The event will be 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Feb. 25 at Surf City Soundside Park, 517 Roland Ave.

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook under “Ethan’s Marine and More Plank Challenge Surf City.”