The Onslow County Board of Commissioners established several goals for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 at a budget workshop Tuesday morning.

The top five goals, as determined during the board’s workshop, are:

• No tax rate increase unless new laws force unfunded mandates that reduce revenue streams.

• Maintain the current funding formula with Onslow County Schools, minus the amount of uncollected fees (lunch, instructural supply, athletc, etc.)

• Find a cost effective way to bring back a detox center to Onslow County with appropriate providers.

• Adequately fund emergency services.

• Develop an evaluation process for programs and services delivered by Onslow County and a recognition program for staff who provide cost-savings measures/process improvements.

According to a county budget preparation timeline, preparations for the next fiscal year budget began in November. In the beginning of each calendar year, the Board of Commissioners and county management meet in a goal setting retreat or workshop. By the end of February, deadlines are set, according to information provided by Onslow County Communications Specialist Riley Eversull.

Mid-March is the deadline for non-profit and other agency requests.

From March 27 to April 3, a budget team will review all budget requests with departments.

By May 12, a budget message and proposed Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget will be complete and delivered to the Board of Commissioners. A presentation on the proposed budget will be made May 15. County management expects a budget adoption by June 19.

The state requires all local governments to have adopted a budget for the next fiscal year by June 30.

According to Interim County Manager David Cotton, the “evaluation process will examine and identify programs and services based on performance measurements, results and outputs.”

The board also made a motion to add a decision on the county manager position to their meeting agenda in February, though the item is not currently on the Feb. 6 meeting agenda. Following former County Manager Jeff Hudson’s departure from Onslow County government, the board filled the interim position with Cotton.

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