Trump is settling in as a senior adviser for the president’s 2020 campaign, which she said sprung directly from the 2016 run as a way to stay engaged with his supporter base

A week into the already eventful first term of President Donald Trump, First Daughter-in-law Lara Trump is turning her focus to the future and the efforts to secure a second term.

The Wilmington native is settling in as a senior adviser for the president’s 2020 campaign, which she said sprung directly from the 2016 run as a way to stay engaged with Trump’s supporter base.

“We didn’t want these core supporters who created this movement in our country to feel like we deserted them,” she said Friday from New York City. “We wanted to remain a voice for the people out there.”

The 2020 campaign team is still taking shape, she said, and determining what it will look like in these first days of the new administration. As for her previous job in the media — she recently worked for “Inside Edition” — Lara said she will step away while Trump is in the White House to avoid a conflict of interest.

Lara and her husband, Eric, joined the whole Trump family in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20 to witness her father-in-law’s “surreal” inauguration, a dizzying day of events that left little time to take in the gravity of their new position of the nation’s First Family.

“The first time we got to be in the White House was when we changed into our gowns for the night and the Inaugural Ball,” she said. “It was such an amazing experience. You want to look around and explore, but we had to hurry up because I don’t think any of us knew we all were going out on stage to dance.”

Moments before taking the stage for his first dance with wife Melania, the president decided his whole family should join them — something Lara said is just further proof this administration will place an emphasis on family.

Through the weekend, the family got to explore the White House, which Lara said she could have done for hours on end.

“It is not lost on anyone who walks through those doors how special a place that is,” she said. “To know that we got to dine in the same dining room as the past presidents of this country, I almost get chills talking about.”

For Lara, the portraits of past First Ladies and the surprise there was a lower-level bowling alley were highlights as she toured the grounds.

Trump spent his first week in office signing executive orders to begin repealing and replacing Obamacare and build the border wall along Mexico, while also expressing interest in possibly bringing back forms of interrogation such as waterboarding and releasing a list of crimes committed by immigrants — the latter two of which have been met with strong resistance from both sides of the aisle.

Lara said she is not surprised by how quickly the president began fulfilling long-touted campaign promises.

“Knowing my father-in-law and seeing him conduct business for past nine years, I can tell you he’s not a guy who wants to wait around for things,” she said. “I am not surprised that he has gotten so much accomplished in his first week. Why would he wait?”

Lara and Eric, who has taken control of The Trump Organization with his brother Donald Trump Jr., have since returned to New York City where they will remain to keep distance between the business and the presidency.

But as part of the nation’s First Family, they plan to visit the White House now and then.

“There’s a lovely bedroom for us in the White House should we want to visit as a family member,” she said, “but that is it.”