While some might think people born around Christmas get slighted for their birthdays, Onslow County Christmas babies have varying experiences.

Stefan Aragona, 7, turns 8 today on Christmas Eve but already had his big birthday party earlier this week.

“We just sort of embrace him as our Christmas baby,” Lori Aragona, his mom, said.

The family always has a party for him with close friends and family, Dad Martin Aragona Jr., said, and it usually falls between Dec. 21-24. Although Stefan was offered the option of having his party in January, Lori said her son wouldn’t even entertain the idea.

Their son always loved having his birthday at Christmas, even when he was younger, Lori said.

Kelsey Cammack, of Hubert, said she let her 2-year-old son, Brock Cammack, pick out gifts during shopping trips since June to set aside for his Dec. 17 birthday.

“Of course, once he is older I can’t buy something and put it away because he will remember,” she said. “That way when it comes time for his birthday, he has plenty of gifts to make his day special and we won’t be as broke for Christmas.”

It’s something Cammack said she and her husband are also considering doing for their daughter, Sadie Cammack, who was born Dec. 19, 2016.

“If I feel (their birthdays) don’t feel that special, maybe once they are older and actually understand, I might do one big party for them six months before their birthday,” Cammack said.

Josh Eudy, who will turn 35 on Dec. 26, said he typically gets a Christmas and birthday gift rolled into one. But he appreciated getting to see family around his birthday because of the holiday, he said.

Patricia Smith, of Newport, said her mom always said since she came into the world just before Christmas, she made her holidays happy again. Smith said a sibling born between her and her older brother was born around Christmas, but only lived one day.

While some people might feel slighted having a birthday around Christmas, Lori said Stefan gets some extra parties out of it and two cakes, as the family also has a smaller celebration the day of his birthday. While Lori went into labor on Dec. 23, Martin said they were very excited when they realized Stefan wouldn’t arrive until Christmas Eve.

“We’ve always thought it was special,” Martin said.

They also have no problem incorporating the holidays into Stefan’s birthday, Lori said, adding that he’s had a holiday themed cake before.

The only stipulation to having a birthday during the holidays, Lori said, is no birthday gifts can be wrapped in holiday wrapping paper.

Stefan enjoys having his birthday on Christmas Eve, Lori said, going on to say she thinks he enjoys it so much for his love of Christmas in general. Just ask him.

“(My birthday) makes me feel really special because I was born on Jesus’ birthday,” Stefan said.