Ben Horak realized two years ago that his family was generating a lot of dirty clothes every week — and the laundry was quickly piling up.

“I used to sell cars. I would work late into the night, sometimes 14-hour days. When I’d get home there would be piles of laundry and I can remember my wife saying, ‘I’d pay someone to do this laundry for me,’” Horak said.

That idea stuck with Horak that there was a market for laundry service in Eastern North Carolina and within two years he had left his day job to pursue another line of work — running the small business FOLD Laundry Service with his wife, Brandy.

The Small Business Center at Coastal Carolina Community College provided Horak with resources and guidance to create a short and long term business plan leading up to the company’s creation in March 2016.

“(FOLD) saves so much time for people. Everyone that uses the service has stayed with us and loved it. We cater to everybody and it’s a good feeling helping people,” Horak said.

The way the service works is simple.

FOLD provides the household with a 20-gallon tote that can hold up to four loads of laundry. The tote filled with dirty laundry and left outside the front door of the household the night before pickup. Around 4 or 5 a.m., the tote of dirty laundry will be picked up, washed and dried. FOLD then repacks the tote — which is sanitized each time — with neatly folded laundry, which is returned within 24 hours.

The cost is $24.99. 

Jonathan Monty says he first began using FOLD about eight months ago to combat the mountains of laundry that accumulated with a wife and two children.

“Laundry was one of those things for my family that was always an issue; we got lost in always doing laundry. The washing and drying wasn’t bad; but folding was a different story, especially with two boys,” Monty said.

Monty messaged FOLD Laundry Service over Facebook asking what the service entailed.

“Ben with FOLD Laundry showed up the next Sunday and explained the service and we signed with them right then. They send a reminder every day before pickup to remind us,” Monty said. “The prices and service is almost too good to be true.”

Monty says his boys’ rooms are much neater now because the laundry gets put up right away and his family couldn’t imagine going back to doing their own laundry.

“It’s amazing to me how they fold everything up precisely. Nothing is inside out, they even match all the socks together. It’s a miracle come true for my family,” Monty said.

Horak anticipates expanding his fleet of mobile home-delivery units in 2017, maybe even attaining a facility in the Piney Green area.

FOLD Laundry Service, which serves Onslow County, also offers other services, including in-home folding services.

For more information on the Maysville-based business, visit or call 910-548-2330.