The following births were announced by Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune:


April 27: Daniella Constance-Jean to Ashley and Cpl. Jeffery Craft.

April 28: Sopheria Lilah Rose to Pri’Shonna and Lance Cpl. Gregory Tillmon; Sofía Isabella to Jennifer and Cpl. Dustin Vonsoosten;

April 29: Rebekah Joy to Julie and Master Sgt. Andrew Sullivan

April 30: Jordan McKenzie to Abriana and Cpl. Justin Roberts; Travis Reid II to Jacqueline Osborne and Travis Amos; George Cooper to Lauren and Capt. Jacob Jones

May 1: Kadence Myra to Melissa and Sgt. Clement Balto;

May 2: Kamden Wyatt to Krystin and StaffSgt. Adam Talbert; Kaylee Sue to Dallas and Cpl. Shelby Hodges; Aurora Gianna to Rhiannon and Sgt. Giacomo Trimboli; Caleb Ryan to Kathryn and 1st Lt. Timothy Maurer; Opal Jean Alexandra to Paige and Lance Cpl. Tyson Phelps; Andrew Linley to Cpl. Cindy Rivera and Cpl. Jordan Davidson; Liam Hunter to Amanda and Sgt. Geovanny Bautista.

May 4: Evelyn Rose Taylor to Gabrielle and Sgt. Cody Moles; Autumn Kay to Brianna Lueders and Lance Cpl. Damion Farnsworth; Emery Belle to Michelle and Lance Cpl. Ivan Galvan; Liam Roland to Ciera and Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Belt; Karlly Virginia to Kelly and Cpl. Carl Haines; John Thomas II to Deseree and 1st Lt. John Miller;

May 5: Alexander Lee to Alison and Sgt. Brian Burns; Liam Alan to Kristen and Sgt. Daniel Edwards; Henry Lee and Charles Raymond to Lt. Cmdr. Grace and Lance Henninger; Benjamin Francis to Heather Palafox and Louis Logsdon; Isabella Rose to Kelsea and Staff Sgt. Bryant Yoder;

May 6: Emma Nicole to Nicole and Sgt. Mitchell May;

May 7: Koda Rae to Tessa and Cpl. Joshua Hall; Sophia Isabelle to Selina and Cpl. Roberto Camarillo; Kenzleigh Nicole to Alyssa and Cpl. Corey Dyer; Frank IV to Audrina and Cpl. Frank Trull III;

May 8: Emmalynn Jade to Tori and Cpl. Travis Atkinson.

May 9: Josie Marie to Vannessa and Cpl. Brandon Davis; Omari Astin to Alexia and Lance Cpl. Kaylan Hughes-Stanton; Sophia Marie to Ashley and Lance Cpl. Zachary Thurman; Anthony Clayton and Lorenzo Claytonius to Lance Cpl. Melissa and Jaron Edwards-Jones.

May 10: David Devonne to HN Delisha Deihl and Cameron Sands; Jayce Londyn to HM1 Jatasha and John Orr; McKella James Charlie to Caitlin and Staff Sgt. Austin Barton; Joel Michael to Vanessa Cantu-Ramos and Cpl. Peter Turetto-Ramos.

May 11: Kaylee Ann to Charlene and Cpl. Cody Douglas; Lily Olivia to Jessica and Staff Sgt. Richard Rodgers; Lynnyx Ren to Shenna and Lance Cpl. Lowell Samons III.

May 12: Michael Chasen to Laken and Cpl. Michael Turpin; Harper Marie to Kyleigh and Cpl. Kyler Kenricks; Lauren Yvonne to Johari and Sgt. Lawrence Moore.

May 13: Claire Marie to Emily and Staff Sgt. Cody Lollar; Riley Debra to Brittany and Cpl. Tyler Quantmeyer; Jameson Wayne to Summer and CP03 Dalton Bragg; Avery Kae to Lauren and Capt. Andrew Smith.

May 14: Addison Grace to Amelia and Sgt. Michael Beard.

May 15: Julian Desmond Wesley to Krissy and Lance Cpl. Devin Jobe.

May 16: Grayson Phillip to Cpl. Alycia Hurt and Anthony Dattilo; Timothy Josiah to Tia and Sgt. Timothy Peterson; Lorelei Corinne to HN Mercedes and Lance Cpl. Nicholas Beauchesne.

May 17: Melody Chaney to Stephanie and Sgt. Charles Siler; Adeline Renee to Abigail and Lance Cpl. Isaac Stevenson.

May 18: Madyx Effie to Tasha and HM3 Blair Patmon; Brantley Ryan to HM3 Courtney and HM3 Timothy Kneuss.