This is a thank you letter, really for N.C. Congressman Chris Millis.

Thanks to congressman for ensuring health coverage 

Dear Editor,

This is a thank you letter, really for N.C. Congressman Chris Millis.

With all the new health changes in 2014, I lost my health insurance policy of which I had for 30 years because of the Obama changes. Unfortunately, I didnít find out about my lost coverage until my doctors sent me bills asking for payment and said that the insurance company told them that I didnít have any health insurance. This was unknown to me. Iíve always had my own private health insurance, which I paid a premium for; and it was paid that January. But, beyond my control, I didnít have my own health insurance anymore.

I couldnít believe it, and I called the N.C. State Health Department and they said this was true. I told them that I was still making payments on my health insurance policy and that I had not canceled it. Not only was it my plan, but it was a family plan, and my family was no longer covered. I tried and tried calling all sorts of health people for help in getting reinstated, but to no avail. This went on for five months ó an absolute nightmare. I was paying for a health insurance plan that the government canceled on me for no known reason.

Then, in desperation, I called my N.C. representative, Chris Millis, and explained to him what was happening and asked if there anything he could do or to suggest in what direction I might pursue help. In two days he called me back and gave me names of people to call and told me to let him know if it didnít get resolved.

Three months later, and with all Millisí contacts and hundreds of phone calls and emails, I got back my family health plan. Unfortunately I still had to pay out of pocket for the first eight months of the year because the Federal Government said thatís the law and they werenít going to reinstate me back to the first of the year. It could have been far worse if Millis hadnít come to my aid.

Thank you, Chris, for helping me in this year of health insurance dilemma. I am sure I am not the only one who ran into health insurance challenges this year. I was fortunate enough to have a congressional representative who was willing to help and who knew the right people to contact to get the dilemma rectified.

With grateful gratitude,

Hope Cusick


Fundraiser a success

Operation Topcat would like to thank all the businesses and sponsors who supported our Halloween Party Fundraiser. It was a purr-fect success and we are grateful to the following restaurants: Lo-re-Leis,  EMR Wings,  Rickís, Madisonís, Baked Pizza,DeNoiaís, NY Deli and  SushiX for their support.  We also would like to thank the following businesses for their wonderful gift donations: Surfside Florist,  Johnson Drugs , The Turtle Factory, Surfside Gift Shop, Beach Furniture Outfitters, Bumble Bees, Surfside Sportswear, Through the Looking Glass, Dís Interior, Jakiges, Seacoast Art Gallery, Inis Spa Inc., Becky Bís,Topsail Trading Co., Curves, Auto Zone, Coastal Paint & Flooring, Ace Hardware, The Smokerís Post, Southern Emporeum, Valvoline, Hello Beautiful, DDT Outlet, Bissell Inc, The Sound Cat and Ashville Seasons B&B.

A big Hug to Cindy, Glenda and Kit from Day 7. A special thank you to John from CD Watson Auction house for his effort and expertise at the auction.  We are particularly grateful to John at North Shore Country Club for donating the facilities for the party and a golf package for 4.

Thank you all: the volunteers, the businesses and sponsors.  We could not have done it without you.

ó Operation Topcat