I contacted N.C. Sen. Harry Brown about a problem I was seeing on the 4473 Form that is used for every gun purchase through an FFL in North Carolina.

I contacted N.C. Sen. Harry Brown about a problem I was seeing on the 4473 Form that is used for every gun purchase through an FFL in North Carolina. Recently revised, the form removed the simple “Race” section and broke it into two sections now known as “Ethnicity” and “Race.” The problem? If you are Hispanic (ethnicity) you must also choose another race (white/black, etc.) I have heard from several Hispanic people that the form has left off Hispanic as a race. When I contacted ATF about this issue I was told that a person filling out the document must check off a race or they will be denied a firearm. Sounds wrong to me — especially since the old form had Hispanic as a race and the new one does not.

Sen. Brown forwarded this information to the office of U.S. Congressman Walter Jones, R-N.C., who contacted me immediately. It was nice to know that some government officials are listening. I don’t know what will come of this, but hopefully someone will take notice and make this very simple correction. Wouldn’t it be nice if all government worked that way? Don’t hold your breath but we know it should be this simple.

I listened to a radio interview with Onslow County sheriff candidate Hans Miller and was quite impressed. He is a clear and precise speaker that had some great common sense answers. One of the most memorable comments made was when he was asked about the current Onslow County Pistol Permit that has a section to be mailed back to the sheriff’s office with make, model and caliber of firearm purchased. North Carolina has no gun registry and this is a confusing permit to many gun buyers.

He stated, “Registration is the first step to confiscation.” Amen, Brother! And he went on to further comment how that part does not need to be on the purchase permit.

The State of Rhode Island is trying again to strip the last rights of FFL’s, law abiding gun owners and manufactures with a scary piece of legislation. The proposed items include a ban on all semi-automatic firearms, outlawing magazines over 10 rounds and even advocating the confiscation of magazines after Jan. 1, 2015. Wake up, folks in Rhode Island! When did home of the free and the brave include men knocking on our doors to take away what the Constitution allows?

On the good news horizon: conceal carry applications surge in California after the Court of Appeals ruling in February, and in New Jersey it will be interesting to see what Governor Christie will do when legislation crosses his desk reducing magazine capacity from 15 down to 10 rounds. Trust me voters will be watching.

Remember knowledge is power and we need to keep sharing what we know is right to get rid of what we know is wrong!


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