Christmas Cheer organizers have released a selection of families seeking holiday sponsorships.

Christmas Cheer organizers have released a selection of families seeking holiday sponsorships.

To sponsor a family, contact Sponsor Coordinator Shelly Bishop via the Sponsor Line 910-545-4869 or email

The deadline for sponsors to adopt cases is Dec. 10.

Those who would like to help without sponsoring a specific case can donate to the Christmas Cheer program in two ways.

Bring new, unwrapped toys to the Christmas Cheer Center, located this year in the old Army Reserve Center at 211 Drummer Kellum Road, just off Marine Boulevard North. (Turn right at the new Stevenson Toyota coming from Jacksonville).

Make a financial donation, which will be used to purchase special items, to the Christmas Cheer Center or mail it to: Christmas Cheer, 600 Court St., Jacksonville NC 28540.

For general information on the program, call 910-347-4646.

Christmas Cheer families seeking sponsorships are listed online at Here is a sampling of those families, listed by case number:

440: Single mother of two children seeks help with gifts for the family. She has no tree or decorations for the home as she had been working cleaning homes during the summer season at the beach but has been unable to get other work after season because of transportation issues. Children are both in school, son aged 6 and daughter aged 13. Lives in Stump Sound Township area.

787: Single mom in the Holly Ridge area is raising two boys, ages 11 and 16, on her own. The mother was in a car accident and, because of several breaks and fractures to her body, is unable to work at this time. She seeks food and items for her boys for the Christmas holiday.

237: Family of six in the Sneads Ferry area is seeking help for their children this Christmas. The father works seasonally and has added another job for the winter months but does not make enough to pay the bills. They have three girls, ages 10, 8 and 1, and a son age 7.

257: Sneads Ferry family of four with two small sons, ages 6 and 1, seeks help with Christmas this year. One of the children has medical issues that send the mother back and forth to the doctor frequently. The father is the only one working at this time and makes barely enough to pay the bills.

291: Sneads Ferry area family has son with mental disability whose conditions have severely stressed the familys financial condition with co-pays, prescriptions and travel expenses related to treatment. The family has been further stressed by the fathers hours being cut to 15-20 a week. Son is aged 8. Family is asking for any assistance, but especially for items for their son.

271: Single mother of two small children, a son age 6 and a daughter age 4, recently lost her job and is seeking remembrance for this holiday season. They live in the Sneads Ferry area.

45: Family of six affected by having to pay the medical bills of their now deceased mother-in-law. Father in home is on disability and mother unable to work. Family asking for help with items for their children; three sons aged 17, 15 and 9 and a 7-year-old daughter. Lives in the Southwest area.

126: The father of three children is in prison, leaving the mother to take care of them with limited income from sporadic cleaning work. Family has been deemed ineligible for several public assistance programs at this time and is asking for help for the children, boys aged 12 and 18 and a girl aged 10.

296: 50-year-old woman separated from husband with long list of medical problems is unable to work and has large medically related debts. She stays with various people and faces a day filled with pain and suffering from her illnesses and despair. She is seeking Social Security assistance but it will take time. Until then, she is seeking help with her medical issues, food and assistance with a place to stay.

557: 65-year-old just had surgery on her eyes and has no one in the area to help her. She suffered a mini-stroke last year and seeks help this Christmas.

52: Mother and father to two girls live apart but share parenting duties. He just lost his job and is looking but no unemployment pay yet. She was on unemployment pay from her loss of work and it ran out before she found employment. She is still seeking and asking for help to make the Christmas for her two girls special. They are aged 4 and 6. Parents have family in area but they have not been able to help but with the absolute basics.

105: Elderly woman lives alone and desires to be remembered. She seeks Christmas food, good smelling lotions, deodorant and body washes.

107: Single mother of three has been unemployed for some time and stays at home to care for younger daughter. Family seeks help with gifts and food for the family. Two daughters are 5 and 9 and an infant son. Family lives in the Southwest area.

127: Military family left to move off base quickly after family breakup and fathers departure overseas. Mother seeking low income housing and trying to move three children to a friends home to spend Christmas until something becomes available. Mother seeking help to find items for the children, all boys, 10, 9 and 6.

130: Family of three facing consequences of difficult divorce leaving children in fear of their father and retaliatory actions including having the power cut off and taking the car and home. Mother has depended on food pantries, the kindness of others and selling items from their home. She is seeking any help for Christmas, but desires that her children, two daughters aged 9 and 10, not suffer as a result of the divorce.

135: Single mother with a 15-year-old son has been staying in a homeless shelter after moving here recently. Family is seeking work but has been unable to find work and is now seeking help with Christmas for the family.

137: Single mother and high school aged daughter have been severely affected by an accident that was caused by a drunk driver. Even though not their fault, the family has suffered from paying medical bills and costs with a very limited income. Seeks food for the family and any assistance that can be provided.

489: Single mother of three recently made homeless and sleeping in a car sometimes. Family removed from home by domestic situation. Mother has been able to stay at shelter and keep her children in school. Shes been able to keep some work, but homeless situation has affected that. Family seeks help with anything. Mother has three daughters, aged 17, 11 and 9.

306: Elderly Jacksonville woman with special dietary needs seeks help with Christmas food. Very special foods are required such as sardines, canned tomatoes and dried beans among others.

570: Single mom of two small daughter, ages 5 and 3, is struggling to get by. The 5-year-old has a hole in her heart and due to have surgery in a few months and has some learning disabilities. The mother works part time and with all the doctor visits and paying for gas there is little left for extras. Please help this family to have a nice Christmas.

778: Single grandmother is raising her five grandchildren with the help of her 22-year-old daughter. The children, three boys and two girls, range in age from 2 to 6, have been placed in her care by Social Services. The 46-year-old grandmother is disabled herself has a job but just barely makes enough to get by.  She seeks to give her grandchildren a nice Christmas.

773: Family of three lost home during summer and was homeless. Now living in temporary shelter they are still affected by that loss and significant medical bills from husband having stroke prior to moving into new place. Mother is asking for help with her children at Christmas. Daughter aged 14 and son aged 10.

165: Single mother of four children is unable to work because of the care needed for her children. Four-year-old daughter requires frequent trips to Chapel Hill medical facilities. Shes staying with relatives at this time and is asking for help for the children at Christmas. Two boys aged 9 and two girls aged 4 and 6.

769: This 55-year-old has taken custody of her two grandchildren, 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, and would like for them to have a nice Christmas. Her husband left her. She has a job but barely makes it each month. Help for this family would be appreciated.

759: Single mother of two teenage daughters, ages 13 and 14, is seeking help this Christmas. The mother has many health issues that cause her to not be able to work. The girls dad does not help them, and she has a hard time getting even the basic necessities.

823: Single mother of two daughters, ages 3 and 13, in the Midway Park area of Jacksonville is seeking assistance for Christmas. After working hard to get her GED she is still trying to find a job. She barely gets enough money to pay her bills and just wants her daughters to have a nice Christmas.

795: 45-year-old disabled woman seeks food for the holiday season. She is unable to work due her last surgery.

572: Former victim of domestic violence, this mother of five-member family has had cancer and is facing another threat of cancer while the father of the children has a court order to stay away from the children because of violence. Family had a car fire, which set them back this fall, and several of the children have significant problems. This family has suffered through years of tribulations.

204: Family of 5 has the mother suffering from polycystic kidney disease and is on the National Kidney Donor List. The father is unable to work because he takes care of the wife and children. He travels back and forth to Greenville and lives with their in-laws. They have two boys, ages 16 and 9, and a daughter age 13. They seek help with Christmas as they are going through this trying time.

559: Single mom of two young children, ages 8 and 8 months, works to try and support her children but does not have a vehicle and must pay for a cab to take her to and from work. The youngest child is still in diapers. She seeks assistance for her children to have a good Christmas.

116: A single father of four small children, two boys ages 6 and 3 and two girls ages 1 and 4, in the Southwest area of Jacksonville is seeking help this Christmas. The father was injured on the job and has been out of work since October and awaiting surgery. Due to a medical emergency he had to take in his stepson to avoid the child going in to the foster system.

691: Young single mother is principal caretaker of her elderly mother after she suffered a stroke. This leaves the family with little money for Christmas and other items. Young mother is attending Coastal Carolina Community College and is seeking a certification as a nursing assistant. The young mother has a 5-year-old daughter for whom she seeks Christmas help.