Topsail Beach still is in the running for a state grant to partially fund the town’s proposed park.

Topsail Beach still is in the running for a state grant to partially fund the town’s proposed park.

But, as a just-in-case, town commissioners approved a resolution Wednesday night to apply for a 2014 N.C. Parks and Recreation Trust Fund grant.

The town applied for a grant earlier this year to reimburse a portion of the $500,000 the town spent to buy land for a town center off N.C. 50 at the corner of South Anderson Boulevard and Davis Avenue in the heart of downtown.

The state is expected to announce on Friday which applications it approves.

Topsail officials have been working on ways to increase the town’s odds of obtaining a grant. Development of the proposed park has been split into phases, a move that allows the town to apply up front for less money.

The application, due Jan. 31, will seek $355,000 to go toward paying for the land, a playground, an area for field games, a restroom facility, and the installation of water, sewer, irrigation system and electric service, all of which will cost an estimated $153,350.

The town has received a $20,000 donation for playground equipment.

If Topsail receives a grant, the first phase of the proposed park will be complete within three years.

The second phase of the proposed park includes developing shelters, walking paths, and parking facilities. Construction of these amenities will cost an estimated $66,500.

Depending upon funding, game courts such as a volleyball court and a basketball court, would follow, completing the final phase. The estimated cost to build these amenities is $44,500.

Commissioners will hold a public hearing next month to discuss approving the proposed master plan, which will include estimated costs to maintain and operate the proposed park.

“This is something I think the townspeople are pretty much against,” Commissioner Julian Bone said.

He voted against buying the property.

Newly elected Commissioner Tom Eggleston said while he is “not particularly enthused” about the proposed park, he could not see standing in the way of trying to get grant money.

Eggleston and fellow newcomer to the board, Commissioner Morton Blanchard, along with Bone, who was re-elected to another four-year term earlier this month, were sworn in Wednesday.