Iím baaaack.

Iím baaaack.

Let me begin by saying sorry. It has been a while since my last article, but Iím back. This summer was crazy busy; and it became difficult to do my weekly articles along with all the Daddy stuff, my video reports, work and life in general. In other words ďIíve been busier than a moth in a mitten.Ē Iím sure we have all been there.

The summer fishing was nothing short of amazing. The red drum and speckled trout fishing was off the hook in the ICW and the New River. Wahoo were not in short supply in the stream, and the bottom fishing for grouper and sea bass was insane.

With fall fast approaching, I am seeing a good year shaping up. The yellow butterflies have not all completely hatched. The ants are building flat mounds instead of tall ones. The oak trees are not completely full of acorns, the squirrels are not hiding nuts yet and my raspberry bushes are still producing. With all of these signs of nature, I suspect we will have a late mild winter and fishing can continue on into January. I have been known to be wrong before, but the more I observe nature the better I get.

The speckled trout have already begun their migration into the surf following the huge schools of mullet. There are also huge schools of Spanish, blues and false albacore chewing these little guys up.

If you are on the pier Gotcha plugs as well as diamond jigs have been the ticket. They seem to favor one or the other hour by hour so make sure you have an arsenal of both.

In the surf (yes, all of these can be caught off the surf) I suggest Hopkins spoons, Kastmasters or Joshnson Splinter spoons. Make sure you have a good 30-pound Flurocarbon leader so the toothy critters canít bite through. In addition to the piers catching the aforementioned species, the pompano have made a strong showing, and there are some big ones around. Two hook bottom rigs baited with shrimp is the way to go. Donít forget to peel the shrimp and use a piece the size of a small marshmallow on No. 4 hooks.

The spots have been well Ö spotty, but itís early yet. Here one minute gone the next. If you are out there at the right time (which seems to be night time) you can fill a cooler with these tasty critters. Blood worms on the same rig mentioned for the pompano is the way to go.

The king mackerel fishing over the summer wasnít great, but the wahoo have more than made up for it if you could get to the stream, and the wahoo are still there. Fast trolling and Islanders baited with Ballyhoo are the go-to baits. The king mackerel fishing inshore has picked up tremendously. The piers are landing good numbers of large fish right now.

I feel the cool mornings, see the fog rising off my pond and know itís time to get busy fishing or get ready for cabin fever. I will opt for the former rather than the latter. Follow me on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Shoot me an e-mail at chris@eastcoastsports.com and come by say howdy to me at the shop. Here is to a great fall fishing (and hunting) season.

Tight lines and fair winds, yíall.


Capt. Chris Medlin is a third generation tackle shop owner and charter captain. He makes his home on Topsail but loves fishing all over. Most of the time you can find him at East Coast Sports in Surf City or just contact him through his website at eastcoastsports.com.