The summer is almost over, but there are many reasons to consider a beach getaway.

The summer is almost over, but there are many reasons to consider a beach getaway.

The post-Labor Day season is a popular time for fall fishing and strolling the beach without the crowd. It’s also a great time of year to catch a deal on a stay at that oceanfront vacation home you’ve wanted to step into for a weekend or maybe longer.

“The weather is beautiful this time of year, the ocean is still warm and the prices are great,” said Julia Wax of Emerald Isle Realty.

Those who call and book now will notice a decrease in prices now that the peak summer season has passed.

Wax said prices drop beginning this weekend and will drop again after Thanksgiving.

“It can be 50 percent off the summer rate, but it varies from property to property,” Wax said.

According to an analysis by, a vacation rental site, North Carolina beaches offer some of the greatest autumn savings, with the average daily lodging rate dropping 50 percent along the Outer Banks and around 30 percent south of there.

Treasure Realty has 420 vacation rentals along Topsail Island; and now is one of the best times of year to book some time at the beach, said marketing director Isaac Baker.

“The weather is nice and not as humid, the beaches are uncrowded and the prices are as low as they get,” Baker said.

Baker said they have about 230 check-ins set for this weekend and that number goes up to 330 the following weekend after the fall prices have kicked in.

But prices alone aren’t the only incentive to plan a beach vacation in the fall.

“You have to do seven nights during the summer but during the fall and winter people can come in for a weekend or two or three nights,” he said.

And there’s still plenty to enjoy along the coast.

Fall fishing and festivals are always popular, there are still plenty of nice days for beachcombing and when things cool a bit, there are plenty of attractions nearby, from aquarium to historic sites.

Wax said that after the big reunions and family gatherings over the summer, they see a transition in visitors.

With schools back in session, they see more young families with children not yet in school, couples and retirees and snowbirds headed south for the winter.

Both Wax and Baker said the winter months are also when they see long-term rentals of two or three months at a time.

Wax said the lower prices make it a good time to give beach living a try.

“It’s a way of fulfilling their dream of living on the beach,” she said. “It’s a way to test the waters, so to speak.”

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