Hurricane Awareness Day will be recognized in Surf City this week.

SURF CITY — Hurricane Awareness Day will be recognized in Surf City this week.

As a part of that recognition, the town will host a program on hurricane awareness at 2 p.m. July 8 at the Surf City Welcome Center.

Offering the keynote presentation is to be Steven Pfaff who is with the National Weather Service at Wilmington International Airport . Pfaff offers weather safety information and spotter training throughout the Cape Fear region.

In this presentation, Pfaff is expected to address hurricane essentials. These are likely to include the effects of damaging winds, storm surges, moon and tides, tornadoes and trends and predictions that the Weather Service is currently witnessing.

Pender County Emergency Coordinator Tom Collins will also be on hand to offer a brief presentation about precautionary and emergency measures that are taken at the local level.

The purpose of the presentations is to remind, educate and re-educate everyone of the dangers that hurricanes can pose, some preventive measures that can be taken in advance, how weather events are handled in Surf City and how the town coordinates with first responders at the local and regional levels.

Other public safety officials are expected to also be on hand to join in the discussion and answer and questions guests may have.

 “As always, our first concern in Surf City is ‘Safety First’ for people and property,” Surf City Mayor Zander Guy said. “Severe weather is not to be taken lightly. We have chosen a Monday for our presentation, since many of our business people are off on Monday. We strongly encourage both ‘old-timers’ and newcomers alike to join us on the 8th.”

Complimentary beverages are to be served. Surf City Fire Chief and Interim Co-Manager Joey Rivenbark says door prizes will be awarded, as well. A drawing will be held at the end of the presentation, and four Midland Weather Radios will be given away to those holding the winning tickets.

The Welcome Center is located at 102 North Shore Drive, adjacent to the Roland Avenue access. Residents and non-residents alike are invited to attend. There is no registration fee for the program.