Topsail Advertiser: How long have you been surfing?

Topsail Advertiser: How long have you been surfing?

Dan Brinson: 28 years

What kind of boards do you use? What was your first board?

It depends on the conditions. A 6-foot Proline.

Do you compete? If so, what have you won?

Yes. ESA events.

Dawn patrol or evening session?


Describe your dream wave.

Chest high, milk glass with friends.

Highest number of stitches ever earned in a surf session?

Six, and plenty of proud flesh.

Whatís your favorite place you have surfed or would love to surf in the future?

Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Would love to go to Indonesia.

Name two rules of surfing etiquette every beginner should live by.

Donít go out in the crowds. Have fun.

What is the best advice another surfer ever gave you?

Go out to where the waves are and quit getting hammered in the shorebreak. Not sure who the guy was.

Any shark or sea creature encounters?

Saw a 12-footer at Frisco and stepped on a stingray in Costa Rica. Stingray barbs are really painful.

Whatís the best local storm you ever surfed? What made it superior to others?

Earl, it was big but lining up.

Who taught you to surf?

Standing up on a body board and my grandpa told my parents I needed a real surfboard.

What surfing story do you never get tired of telling?

Early morning fun with the crew at Jolly Roger.

Would you ever mention your favorite place to surf locally?

In front of the old beach house.