Topsail Advertiser: How long have you been surfing?
Featured Surfer Lee Jernigan: 26 years

TA: What kind of boards do you use? What was your first board?
Featured Surfer: Longboards and shortboards; Caster Twin Fin.

TA: Do you compete? If so, what have you won?
Featured Surfer: No, but I help out a lot at a lot of contests.

TA: Dawn patrol or evening session?
Featured Surfer: Both.


TA:Describe your dream wave?
Featured Surfer: Long, glassy barrels.

TA:Highest number of stitches ever earned in a surf session?
Featured Surfer: Seven.

TA: Whatís your favorite place you have surfed, or would love to surf in the future?
Featured Surfer: Large Wilderness in the past, and Indonesia in the future.

TA:Name two rules of surfing etiquette every beginner should live by?

Featured Surfer: Donít paddle out in a crowd and donít drop in on people with priority.

TA: What is the best advice another surfer ever gave you? Who was that person?
Featured Surfer: Cover your head.

TA:Any shark or sea creature encounters?
Featured Surfer: Lots of sharks.


TA:Whatís the best local storm you ever surfed? What made it superior to others?

Featured Surfer: Hurricane Luis, 1995. It stayed glassy for three days and the waves were not closing out.

TA:How did you learn to surf? Or who taught you how to surf?
Featured Surfer: Self-taught.

TA: What surfing story do you never get tired of telling?
Featured Surfer: Surfing giant Wilderness or a crazy trip to Hatteras in the late 80s.

TA:Would you ever mention your favorite place to surf locally?
Featured Surfer: To certain people, yes.