Reconnaissance marines along with their brothers-in-arms, the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC), are known to conduct their missions stealthily without drawing attention. They are the “Silent Warriors.”

Brent Phillips is on a mission to provide scholarships to the family members of these “Silent Warriors.” Phillips is president of the Silent Warriors Scholarship Fund (SWSF). 

“Our mission is to improve the educational and occupational opportunities for family members of current and former Recon and MARSOC marines,” he said. 

The idea for a scholarship fund grew out a conversation that Phillips had with his mother.

“We were talking about ways to honor the memory of fallen marines in the Recon and MARSOC community. She presented the idea of a simple scholarship — a set amount every year. That idea has matured into what the SWSF is today.”

The SWSF was formed in October 2010 and one year later awarded $2,000 in scholarship money. In 2012, awards totaled $20,000. 

“Our goal in 2013 is to give away at least $100, 000,” said Phillips.

Although the SWSF is a new organization, it is proving capable of achieving its mission objectives.

“Our supporters are our greatest asset,” said Phillips. “When people find out about the SWSF and what we do, they are extremely supportive.” 

Fundraising events are conducted in the spirit of the Recon community. The events draw from the lifestyle of the MARSOC and Recon traditions. They are a little tougher, a little bolder, a little more “hoo-rah.” In other words, they are not your usual walk-or-run 5k race. 

A standout event is the GORUCK challenge, which is based on some of the same principles found in Special Forces training. 

“A GORUCK challenge is a 10-hour endurance event which builds teamwork, leadership and mental fortitude,” explained Phillips.

Other events include shooting packages, Crossfit (elite fitness conditioning) and other fitness events, “beef and beer” dinners and an occasional golf tournament. Phillips expects to hold some events in this area in 2013.

In addition to scholarships, the SWSF has also began a mentor program based on a suggestion from one of its board members.

“Our mentor program has 27 professionals willing to donate their time and expertise to helping veterans as well as scholarship recipients’ transitions into education or professional careers,” said Phillips. “We aim to fill a void. There is still a very real need for helping families of veterans and the veterans themselves.”


For more information on The Silent Warriors Scholarship Fund, visit the website or contact Brent Phillips by email at