Well surfers and surfettes, as I sit writing this report the surf is about 3- to 5-feet breaking on the north side of the pier. It’s looking fun a few days out but I don’t think it’s going to last. The computers are showing a decrease in the wave size as we get closer to the weekend. Thursday is looking fun with a small swell but a nice off shore; the best spot should be the north side of the pier
The weekend end is looking kind of small, but that can be fun on the right board — paddle boarding on a 2-foot wave is a good time. Right now it is looking like Sunday evening the wind will be coming up and out of the south, so this could be fun on the kites. As we go into the first of next week it is looking even smaller, but that could change with all the weather to the west of us. Hang in there!

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Topsail Advertiser: How long have you been surfing?
Featured Surfer Camden Guthrie: 11 years.

TA: What kind of boards do you use? What was your first board?
CG: 6’0” Thruster; 5’8” Wave Weapon Twin

TA: Do you compete? If so, what have you won?
CG: No

TA: Dawn patrol or evening session?
CG: Both!

TA:Describe your dream wave?
CG: Pitching left, hollow point beach break.

TA:Highest number of stitches ever earned in a surf session?
CG: Zero.

TA: What’s your favorite place you have surfed, or would love to surf in the future?
CG: Domes, Puerto Rico, but nothing’s like home.

TA:Name two rules of surfing etiquette every beginner should live by?

CG: Stay down the beach ‘til you’re better… and then stay there.

TA: What is the best advice another surfer ever gave you? Who was that person?
CG: Surf every chance you can!

TA:Any shark or sea creature encounters?
CG: It’s Topsail! Sharks!


TA:What’s the best local storm you ever surfed? What made it superior to others?

CG: Any storm, every time.

TA:How did you learn to surf? Or who taught you how to surf?
CG: Dad/ self-taught

TA: What surfing story do you never get tired of telling?
CG: None.

TA:Would you ever mention your favorite place to surf locally?
CG: Depends on to whom and if money is involved!