Vintage Celia

EDITOR: Celia Rivenbark’s recent attacks on Sarah Huckabee Sanders have resulted in a lot of back and forth comments on Celia’s toxic remarks. Her sarcastic style seems to please Trump chasers, while unintentionally reminding others why they voted for change and not the media’s pick in the last election.

Celia’s Sunday columns are prime examples of why all need to get past senseless, inappropriate name calling and instead engage in intelligent and respectful discussion of real issues.

We have become distracted by those who feed on our differences! The media’s livelihood seems intent on division and at times involved in false reporting.

Both CNN and Washington Post have acknowledged their phony Russian stories and are blaming sources. While all this mess has been going on it's reported that liberal outlets are running bogus stories about Trump and Mexico.

Doug Patterson, Wilmington

Give me an ‘A’ ...

EDITOR: If I say, “I’ve heard it all”, another cockamamie story will surface before this letter is published. A professor at the University of Georgia has decided that “emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences for all involved.” To protect his precious snowflakes from emotional distress by receiving a grade lower than they desire, he allows them to email him with whatever grade they desire. Wish granted.

If college is supposed to prepare young students for real-life experiences, this policy is a joke. In real life, you apply for a job for which you are unqualified and get rejected. You explain that this rejection would be too much for your emotional well-being and bingo, you’re hired. Dream on.

The more I learn about much of today’s campus life, I question racking up student loan debt while wasting four years taking useless courses like Underwater Basket Weaving, Fat Studies and Cyberporn and Society (real courses).

Is higher education becoming an expensive waste of time? Courses with zero value are offered. Progressive liberal indoctrination is pervasive. Campus riots, protests and intimidation prevent free speech. Athletes not only get a free so-called education, but are now paid a salary as well.

Before contributing to your college or university, visit their website and spend some time examining their real agenda. You might be shocked.

Scott McKinnon, Wilmington

Defends Medicare

EDITOR: Regarding the Aug. 8 letter “Medicare no cure-all”:

Medicare is wonderful, comprehensive health care coverage that keeps seniors from using all their assets to pay for medical care.

My wife and I are covered and have purchased supplements and prescription coverage for nominal amounts. We have had hospitalizations, heart and leg surgery, many office visits (many being routine multiple follow-ups) and ER visits while often not paying a penny. Co-pays are very infrequent and small. Co-pays for our several prescriptions average about $120 per month. Further, neither of us have ever been rejected by any doctor for any treatment.

It has been our experience that we have received health care services whose total costs are no doubt hundreds of times larger than the total small payroll premiums we have ever paid. It is also noteworthy that seniors who never worked and never paid payroll premiums are fully covered.

I am looking forward to Congress eventually blessing us with single-payer “Medicare for all”.

Les Twible, Sunset Harbor

Bravo, ‘South Pacific’

EDITOR: The Opera House Theatre Company’s production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific is amazing.

If you have a chance to see it on the stage of Thalian Hall before it closes on Aug. 21, do so. Our family saw the show on its opening weekend and were impressed at the professional quality of this classic Broadway show.

The singing was first rate, the choreography, orchestra, stage design, lighting, sound, costumes and all of it came together just right.

Seeing the show was a reminder of the very talented performers who live and work in the Cape Fear area. For a couple hours the stage was transformed to a South Pacific island caught up in the middle of World War II.

Thanks for the great show. We look forward to seeing many more.

Bill Mahon, Kure Beach