1. Conceal & Carry: The ability to legally carry a firearm on your person without it being visible to anyone else. This requires an N.C. Conceal Carry license which is obtained through taking a class and having an extensive background check.

2. Open Carry: The ability to carry a firearm that is visible to anyone (not hidden under clothes). This version of carry may upset some people but just remember to be calm and respectful, it is your right and they just aren’t used to it.

3. Politician — a temporary position to be held by a resident of the state for a limited amount of time in which that person does the best he/she can to improve the conditions of the people within the area they are responsible. This should NOT be a career or lifetime position.

4. Sales Tax: a tax charged on new items at time of sale. This should not be charged on used items since the sales tax has already been paid once.

5. Common Sense: an elusive item once readily available allowing for comprehensive and detailed discussions with the ability to reach win-win solutions. On a sad note, this is becoming extinct. Save the common sense!

6. Police Officer: A man or woman who risks their lives every day for little pay to make sure your dumb butt stays safe. The first person blamed by a criminal or legal system when something fails to work as planned.

7. Judge: A disconnected group of men and women who fail to truly punish the guilty and release dangerous people back onto the streets to commit more crime. Example? Judge John McKeon of Montana — who this month sentenced a man to only 60 days in jail for admitting to raping his own 12 year old daughter several times — even though the DA recommended a 25-year prison term. The judge is not concerned about the 82,000 petitioners who call for his removal from office since he retires next month. May Karma take a good size chunk out of you, Mr. McKeon.

8. Freedom: A nice idea, but what does it really mean? Could you run around your yard naked while singing Broadway show tunes under a full moon? Probably not without consequences. We restrict what images people in school wear on shirts, we bite our tongues we when should speak out, more often than not our stress overflows and our health pays the consequences. Do you really feel free?

9. Election of office: The number of votes of registered individuals counted and the highest number received means that person wins. None of this Electoral College crap. My vote should count — period.

10. Semi-automatic Firearm: Requires a trigger to be pulled for each shot fired. Most politicians would like you to believe that all weapons are automatic (pull the trigger once to fire all bullets) but that is incorrect; 95 percent of all pistols, rifles and shotguns are semi-automatic.

Remember knowledge is power, Christmas starts in October so please start putting up your Halloween decorations in August (in order to compete) and don’t forget to VOTE!


Dorothy Royal is the owner of Surf City Guns and Ammo, mother of two wonderful children, ringmaster of a herd of miniature ponies and an avid member of the Surf City Writers Group and Topsail Book Club.