More than 850 illegal immigrants scheduled for deportation for multiple reasons were “accidently” given citizenship because no one bothered to check fingerprints. Don’t worry, America, Homeland Security is being run by Inspector Gadget. What could go wrong? At least one of them has become a cop. Hmmm.

During a routine inspection of an old coal mine in Alabama it was discovered that over 350,000 gallons of gasoline have leaked from a pipeline — starting to understand those Indians now? Don’t worry; conveniently all the gas found its way to a retention pond (or so we are comfortably told). The 36-inch pipe built in 1963 supplies 40 percent of the gas to the East Coast. Good thing terrorists don’t read.

Everyone is panicking (thanks to the media) and buying gas — driving up inflated demand but ignoring the obvious problem. Using basic math (if each standard gas station has 40,000 gallons on hand) that is equivalent to nine gas stations losing all its fuel into the ground. Where is all that gas going? Rest assured, Colonial Gas has given out fliers to local residents assuring them there is “no public safety concern.” Oh good, it’s in print so it MUST be true. Boy has big money got us snowed.

In an unpublished study (so I really don’t know how this info is getting out) it was revealed that 3 percent of adults in the United States actually own 50 percent of all firearms. The study categorized its findings on ownership of 17 or more firearms (rifles/pistols/shotguns). I have to question this because 3 percent sounds like such a small number, but then I realized the study was conducted by surveys filled in by voluntary applicants. Ooops.

Thought for the day: both time and money are manmade. The universe is not on a clock. Something either “is” or “is not.” Period. Both time and money are convenient ways to control people — don’t believe me? Then think about this: Do you go to bed when your body tells you to or when your favorite shows are over? Do you wake up naturally, only eat when hungry and live a stress-free life without bills? Not in America.

Kids need to play to grow, but instead we lengthen class times and get rid of recess, art and music.

Creativity and individuality are packed neatly into society expectations. Don’t rock the boat and do what you are told — society will let you know when it’s time to die.

It’s time to unclutter our lives, to get rid of “negative crap” and to tell politicians that our children need to play.

Remember knowledge is power and it’s OK to take a walk every day and to turn off your electronics. Listen to your body because it is the only one you’ve got!


Dorothy Royal is the owner of Surf City Guns and Ammo, mother of two wonderful children, ringmaster of a herd of miniature ponies and an avid member of the Surf City Writers Group and Topsail Book Club.