When scary things happen, be prepared

Published: Friday, April 18, 2014 at 12:59 PM.

This week one of my dear friends had a direct encounter with someone unsavory. While home with her grandchildren and getting ready for work, she looked out the front door and found a young man, shirtless and his pants hanging low, standing at the door. He was a stranger and not from the area. When she asked him what he wanted he held up a slip of paper and said he needed a ride to a local pharmacy to get his Oxycodone.

Grateful she had her gun, she approached the door and told him to get off her porch and to leave her property. It was apparent to her that this person meant trouble. Once the man saw her gun he immediately left the porch, heading down her driveway. Moments later her husband returned home, thankful that she and her grandchildren were safe.

Another friend was woken up at night to a banging at her door. When she turned on the porch light and looked out the peep hole she saw a woman standing alone, visibly irritated. Before opening the door, she asked what the woman wanted. She was told that the woman’s car broke down and she needed to come inside to call for help. Taking the right approach she denied the woman access and offered to call someone for her. The woman was angry and kept demanding to come inside. At this point my friend got her gun and called the police, announcing her actions at the same time. Soon thereafter the woman disappeared. These are scary events and happening right around here.

During a glorious Sunday afternoon a man finishes his shopping at Costco in Wilmington and as he pushes his shopping cart to his car, the last thing on his mind is that he is going to be carjacked at gunpoint. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened. Broad daylight and in front of lots of people. Criminals are losing their fear; and that should motivate you to take better care of yourself, if you aren’t already.

Most people don’t ever want to have to shoot someone; and in all reality, it should always be the last resort. But if you are unprepared or under-skilled, you may become a victim and another statistic.

Let’s not let that happen, OK?

We teach our children “Stranger Danger,” and unfortunately that also needs to apply to us adults. Being kind and helpful is wonderful and should be a natural response to someone in need, but there are people out there willing to take advantage of that kindness. Take care to make sure you are safe first, and never alone, before offering assistance to someone you don’t know.

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