What’s biting? Ask the locals

Published: Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 12:58 PM.

This week has for sure brought the water temps up. I am glad to see it. We have seen lots of fishing kick off this week. The water is now warm enough to swim in or clam comfortably. There are now sand fleas (mole crabs) in the surf, and that means the surf fishing should pick up. Let’s talk about finding out the best time, place and bait to use whereever you go fishing.

The best way is find out this info is talk to or observe fishermen. One of the best places to find these people is at the local tackle shop. Many local tackle shops are owned and employed by anglers. For instance, at my shop everyone here is an angler (in the tackle department) and is happy to help you get the right tools for the job. I know if you catch fish you will want to go fishing more often. If you sit on the beach or boat for six hours and do not catch a fish you will probably get frustrated and say “To heck with fishing!” It is in my best interest for you to catch fish. My livelihood depends on it. There are many other tackle shops that are happy to help for this same reason. Do not be afraid to ask questions. We all have different talents and skills in life. I do not feel arrogant because I know a lot about fishing because I know that my customers probably have a skill set that I would be completely ignorant in. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. 

The next best place to find info is the internet. Fishermen like to brag about their catches and are usually glad to help because they are passionate about their sport. Youtube and online fishing forums are great places to learn. In our area some of the best online fishing forums arefryingpantower.com, ncangler.com andncwaterman.com. My Youtube channel has a ton of How-To videos that will help you get started. My videos can be accessed via my web site ateastcoastsports.com. 

Over this past week the soundside is in a bit of a transition. The red drum have slowed a bit as well as the speckled trout. The flounder have begun to bite a little though. The surf is starting to see some decent numbers of sea mullet as well as red drum. The piers have been catching a ton of bluefish as well as some Spanish on Gotcha plugs. The best action this past week has been on the nearshore boats. The bonita are tearing up some minnows just outside New River inlet. There are some large Spanish mixed in with the bonita as well as a ton of bluefish. Some cobia have shown up nearshore so have a rod rigged and at the ready. 

Tight lines and fair winds


Capt. Chris Medlin is a third-generation tackle shop owner and charter captain. He makes his home on Topsail but loves fishing all over. Most of the time you can find him at East Coast Sports in Surf City or just contact him through his website at Eastcoastsports.com.

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