We the people of the United States

Published: Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 12:55 PM.

When The Constitution was written, the powerful wording that followed was intended to ensure the rights of each and every individual and to ensure that at no time would a government entity become so powerful that the people would suffer. 

As locals, we saw some great changes take place during last week’s elections.  When a person in a position of power takes great advantage and forgets that they work for the people and only the people, it’s time for them to go. 

In the same note however, we consider the government to be a breathing living thing on its own, but it’s not. It’s a group of people, that’s all. I don’t like hearing people refer to the government as “them vs. us.” We are all part of it. 

I think if we take a step back it’s easy to see that the government (and the people within it) have decided to step over too many boundaries. 

If a person has a Conceal and Carry License and has passed all the tests, they should be allowed to carry in all states, not just a select few. Here in N.C. our carry permit extends to 37 other states to legally carry (but not to purchase). The problem is that you have to pass through states that do not honor our conceal carry and, thereby, you become a criminal. 

I see stories every day on the news. Remember the driver from Georgia who was traveling through Maryland and had his car torn apart by Highway Patrol because when they ran his driver’s license it came up that he was a conceal carry holder? He didn’t have any firearms in his vehicle or on his person and told them so, but they still detained him for hours. 

There is a phone app called CCW that you can get for under $5 that will tell you the rules, state by state, that you are traveling through. It’s a great app and can keep you out of trouble. 

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