Topsail Gun Gal: The perfect gift for you may not be what is best for someone else

Published: Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 04:13 PM.

As I grow older, I am always amazed at the things I hear. Every now and then I am overwhelmed when a comment so out in left field leaves me speechless. Let me give you an example if I may. I was talking to a woman about what kind of gun she should buy when a man interrupted and stated that he didn’t have a problem with women voting, but women owning guns was another thing. Speechless. Let’s hope his genetic line ended with him (ha ha).

People are strange. End of story.

Now there is also a group of people who don’t have bad intentions, they just simply don’t know better.

When a man comes into my shop and states that he is there to buy his wife a 12-gauge pistol grip shotgun to protect herself while he’s out of town and I look past him to find a woman 80 pounds soaking wet with absolutely no experience with firearms I have to shake my head. The answer is no. Not the best idea, though your intentions are in the right place.

A person, any person who is inexperienced does not need a firearm until they have learned the basics of safety. Having a gun does not make you safer if you have no idea how to load it or fire it. In all reality it becomes a greater danger because the person attacking you might have that knowledge, and now you have given them a weapon to use.

Some of you know that I believe there is a conspiracy when it comes to men buying their wives handguns. They tend to encourage a purchase that is perfect for them, and not really right for her, hoping that the end result will be that they end up with the gun. Too bad boys, we are breaking your code.

When you think about someone else and want to buy them something as important as a handgun, remember one thing: Guns are like shoes, they must feel right from the start.

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