Topsail Gun Gal: Don't blame others for your fears

Published: Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 02:31 PM.

Mike Myers, Chuckie (the doll) and Freddie Kruger never used a gun and continue to scare the crap out of us and will for generations to come.

Fear is out there people. I’m afraid every day that something uncontrollable is going to happen — in case you haven’t noticed I’m a control freak — and every night when I lay my head down I thank the powers that be that we all made it through another day.

I don’t blame objects for my fear; a car driven by a drunk driver is still just a car. A broken bottle is still just glass until held by a drunk in a bar fight. Objects are objects. It’s the person in control that’s the issue.

I watch roundtable discussions where people who are anti-gun and pro-gun sit and argue. There is no possible resolution because as humans, we allow emotion to get involved. Now if the panel was made up of Vulcans (Star Trek) and Yoda (from Star Wars) it might be different.

Emotions drive us all; that’s what makes us human and separates us from other creatures. I doubt a goose flying south thinks, “I’m not going that way — that nasty goose Gertrude is wintering there.”

Humans are a great big mess of complexity. You want to know how to curb all violence — not just guns — let me give you my two cents.

Go back to the basics. Family and education. Most folks today have little family, forget about extended, and most kids get a bare basic education due to a waste of time with stupid testing (my opinion) and a lack of art and music that calms our souls and brings forth our individual creativity.

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