String of releases kicks off season at Surf City turtle hospital

Published: Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 12:02 PM.

Wednesday: April, the miracle loggerhead with one of the biggest heads ever (really) went home. We, and she, worked our carapaces off bringing that turtle back from death’s door. The honor of seeing April off went to Nancy Fahey of the Wrightsville Beach Turtle Patrol and her crew. They plucked April off the sand when she was left for dead and brought her to us a year ago. April had gained a lot of weight since then, so it wasn’t quite as easy to get her back to the beach. But this time it was a much happier trip for everybody. April didn’t go alone; the last of our releasable turtles followed in her considerable wake.

Under Jean’s direction we’re headed for the 500 mark. If we keep rehabilitating and releasing at this rate we may see that number in 2015.

Wednesday night we closed out our week of festivities with a picnic under our old hospital tents, which our summer interns magically managed to piece together from crates of odds and ends. Something old, something new — and only great things for us from here on out.

Saline needed

Calling all doctor’s offices, medical clinics and anybody else who uses 0.9-percent saline in their work. We have recently admitted a turtle suffering from seven boat strikes. This gal requires a LOT of wound flushing, and we are running low on saline. We can use saline that is out-of-date by no more than one year for flushing.

We are also running low on in-date saline that we use for IV and SubQ injection. We will gladly accept any size bottle/bag. Our volunteers work every day, even when we are not open for tours, so you can drop off your donation at our staff entrance at the back of the building. Just ring our doorbell and we’ll come running. Flipper hugs.

Hospital visiting hours

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