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Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 12:30 PM.

Silver and gold and blued steel…


During this wonderful holiday season, when everyone is whistling Christmas songs and thinking of others, we need to take a moment to really reflect on the magic of gift giving. Enter the wonderful world of guns — now more popular than ever with men and women for competition, stress relief and social gatherings. Women and guns are a wonderful combination, but what every potential gun buyer should understand is this: what is perfect for one person may be a disaster for another. If you’re considering getting your wife a gun instead of that necklace this Christmas, here are some simple and basic questions to ask yourself before doing so:

1) What level of training does she have? If she is a beginner, how about giving her a gift certificate for a ladies beginner class?

2) Does she want a gun? If so, the simple art of a gift certificate will give her the freedom to make the right purchase for herself. Don’t worry men, very few women purchase pink guns and if you are nice to her, she will most likely let you try out her new gun at the range.

3) What is her reason for wanting a gun? Is it for personal protection, target shooting, both? Does she travel alone? Get off work after dark? Another option here is to get her into a concealed carry class so she can carry her firearm safely and legally.

4) Do you have children in the home? This makes a tremendous difference on what kind of firearm may be right for your family.

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