Quit diluting, passing on blame

Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 12:04 PM.

In all my years, whether as a student, a teacher, a firefighter, a builder, a gun saleswoman and as a mom, never ever have I forgotten a child in a car. There is no excuse. We are all responsible for our own behavior, regardless of our actions. 

Unless you are being held captive and threatened with death, you have no excuse. Everyone is busy, everyone is over stressed and running on fumes. Faster and faster we go, and we make the choice to live like this, but that’s still no excuse. Too pre-occupied to remember a child in a car? Holy crap, how did you manage to drive to work or the store without killing people? Were you sleeping with your eyes open? Such nonsense. 

Each day when I carry my firearm I am the only responsible party. I cannot blame others for anything I do. My actions are my own. I take my responsibility seriously, as should every gun owner. 

I am tired of blame being diluted and passed along. We allow it with our government, we do it with our families, we do it every day in our lives and we have to stop it.  

A person out of control is dangerous. Schools failing to report violent actions or disturbing behavior are failing us all. Employers need to file complaints against threats and to follow through so that a paper trail is created. No one has the right to threaten you with bodily harm, and hoping they will just move on to someone else is wrong. 

Our children are supposed to be innocent and loved. Why am I reading about sex offenders every day in the paper? What do you think happens to the lives of the children harmed? When does this stop? 

Is it our judicial system that is falling apart? Are the police tired of arresting the same faces over and over? I would think so. Perhaps the judges are growing complacent and putting Band-Aids where surgery is required. Why are people dying at the hands of drunk drivers who have numerous prior convictions? Why are dangerous criminals being released and within a year, killing women in our own community? I’m starting to understand the town of Nelson, Georgia, that requires every homeowner to have a firearm and the ammo to feed it. They call it the Family Protection Ordinance. What an interesting idea. 

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