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Published: Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 04:05 PM.


One of the hot topics in the local news this week is decriminalization of marijuana. N.C. House Bill 637 currently circulating would reduce the penalty for an ounce or less for private use to a fine and would adjudicate all the folks previously saddled with criminal records for the same offense, making them more likely to get a good job. Rep. Kelly Alexander has been the champion for trying to legalize medical marijuana; but since some folks in our state government don’t feel it’s necessary, he has introduced a new bill to ask for the STUDY of medical marijuana. On this Mother’s Day I reflect back to how terrible my mother’s struggle with cancer was and how much of the pain, nausea and stress could have been alleviated if medical marijuana had been available. Wake up folks, God gave us this plant for a reason.

And in the national news we are overwhelmed with a magical and wondrous technology to suddenly be able to make a firearm with a 3D printer.

What caught my attention about the 3D firearm design (brought to light by Cody Wilson) was that I received numerous emails over the weekend alerting me to the fact that the government has now “purchased” this program and has no plans of sharing.

The bad news for the government: Apparently 100,000 downloads of this program are already out there, circulating and multiplying. Sounds like a plan prearranged to fail. Not my problem; I am happy just to be able to properly change the ink cartridge in my regular printer! I would rather have a computer program that had a cup of hot coffee waiting for me in the morning — now THAT would be impressive.

In the chat rooms, tons of engineers came forward claiming that this program is basically “no big deal” and any engineer with the right training could create the same program within an hour. Wow, engineers are cool; too bad so many of them are so geeky (ha ha).

The fact of the matter is the government does not want anyone having the capability of going home, turning on their computer and creating a firearm that is untraceable and made mostly of materials that would not be detectable at an airport checkpoint. I understand the fear; I get it. Unfortunately, the media has plugged this space-aged technology into everything lately; and I have no doubt, companies that manufacture 3D printers are going to have a great boost in sales.

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