Please don’t squeeze the produce

Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 02:21 PM.

When you go to Walmart, do you ask to take apart the DVD players before you buy one? When you go to the auto dealership do they offer you a set of tools to take the motor apart? No, of course not. So why do people who look at guns think they are entitled to take them apart before buying them? I certainly wouldn’t want a product someone else had messed with. It’s common sense.

More and more I am seeing people, both in the gun shop and at gun shows, think that it is perfectly acceptable to start popping out pins and springs. No, it is not. Remember the signs in the gift shops that read, “You break it you buy it?” Well how about we start a new campaign, “you take it apart – you bought it.”

Of course my favorite is when someone asks us to order them a super expensive, practically impossible item — just so they can hold one. Hey, this isn’t a Ferrari dealership.

Guns are no different than any other retail item. There are many styles and designs to accommodate different buyers and their needs. You wouldn’t buy a toothbrush and ask if you can bring it back after using it, would you? So don’t do it at a gun shop. Take your time when making a purchase. It is a big deal and it shouldn’t be rushed. Just because your friend has one doesn’t mean you need the same thing. There is too much information on the Internet, so ask people and listen. Magazine ads are designed to capture your attention, that’s why those agencies charge big money.

The current law In the State of North Carolina is that you must provide an N.C. purchase permit or an N.C. Conceal and Carry to buy a pistol. That includes from a private person. If you are interested in buying a gun from a private person, make sure you get a bill of sale with their information on it as well. Most people don’t like giving out copies of their driver’s licenses, but this is no small matter. If the buyer or seller balks at this, walk away. Be wary of Facebook sites and chat sites where claim it is okay to buy a pistol without a permit in N.C. It is not.

Knowledge is power, and it is your way to protect yourself. So stay smart!


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