Nation's disrepair demands our reaction

Published: Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 06:06 PM.

There are so many children on local buses, some of them must sit in the aisles, which is dangerous. And lunch rooms are so overcrowded, tables made for eight are seating 13 or more. That’s great for spreading colds and stressful enough that some don’t find time to eat.

Our country is not repaired, for if it was, our schools would have adequate teachers and buses, our kids would be receiving a world class education and our unemployed would have work.

Everyday states are passing more and more laws restricting the activities of their law abiding residents.

Where is the America of the songs and poems? Why is our country becoming a giant homeowners association that only cares about a few instead of the many? Who cares who someone loves? That should not be the government’s business. How dare states trump our constitution and take the plans and foresight of our forefathers and step on them. Shame, shame, shame on all of us for letting this happen.

When a state passes a law that says no resident may buy a 30-round magazine within the state borders but can bring one in and legally own it from another state, I have to question their sanity.

When a state thinks that criminals won’t commit crimes if it is harder to legally get a handgun, they are delusional, and yet we all pay.

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