Making use of golf, guns and code words

Published: Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 11:28 AM.

There are two things in this world a spouse should not teach you: how to play golf and how to shoot a gun for the first time. OK? OK. I’m sure there are exceptions out there, but on a whole level, let’s just go with my thought, shall we?

I have seen a husband yank a loaded gun from his wife’s hand in frustration. I have seen a man load a revolver and cock the hammer with his hand wrapped around the end of the barrel. These are clear and simple “no-no’s” Safety should never be something you are so comfortable with that you forget there is always hidden danger. 

If my husband had taught me how to shoot, I probably wouldn’t own a gun shop today. That’s not mean; it’s just honest. Relationships are filled with too much stress and anticipation for such an important lesson. Take a swallow of your pride and let someone else get the ball rolling. Hopefully together you will have years of enjoyment (whether it’s guns or golf or both). 

This week I read a frightening tale about a Realtor who met a client at her office and the next day agreed to show him properties. They drove together and at the first house, she was brutally assaulted. What may have saved her life was that she coaxed him into allowing her to call her office before being taken away by him. During her brief conversation she used a pre-arranged “code word” that signaled danger or trouble. A member of her office arrived shortly and she was able to get away. Thank goodness for planning. These code words can be used for anybody — employees, children, neighbors and friends. It’s a great idea. 

George Carlin put it best: “There are no bad words, only bad intentions.” And he is right. A word is nothing more than a collection of letters. Several languages may take the same word and give it different meanings and that’s part of culture. If you don’t like a word, then simply don’t use it. I cannot find fault in language. What a great thing it is. Could you imagine if we all just sat around and beat sticks to signify our intentions? 

Do you know how many times I have been involved in a conversation and someone says, “That would be as terrible as having a red-headed stepchild.” Now please note, I am a true redhead, through and through; and it always fascinates me when this is said and no one gives a moment’s thought to the color of my hair, because they really aren’t referring to my hair color, they are just repeating something they have heard for years.  Now having the “book of interesting facts” claim that all the villains in the Bible are redheads is another story! (Ha, ha — it must be the temper thing). 

So for this week’s assignment I want you to stop using the “N” word. 

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