It makes no sense to me

Published: Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 02:02 PM.

Eric Garner of New york died while being wrestled to the ground to be handcuffed. The 43-year-olds crime? The officers suspected he was selling “loose cigarettes” without a tax stamp on a sidewalk. Shouldn’t a tax crime fall under the IRS and not the police? 

The CDC shut down two of its labs after an anthrax and bird flu scare. Don’t worry; CDC Director Tom Frieden said he was angry and upset at the careless behavior of the staff. Oh good. 

Sunday marked the two-year anniversary of the Colorado movie theater massacre. The trial, yet to start, has been postponed over and over, a disgrace to those who lost loved ones. It is possible it will start Dec. 8; but the judge said he will issue 6,000 summons in an attempt to achieve 12 jurors and 12 substitutes. Can you say excessive and wasteful?  

Home invasions are becoming daily items in the news. It was comforting to know that a man was able to protect his seven children with a knife from three armed intruders, two of whom were cousins of his wife. So much for that family reunion. 

Saiga brand firearms, shotguns and rifles, are now banned from being imported into the country. This is a direct result of our country’s desire to punish Russia. I wonder if vodka is next? Probably not.

In Florida, two Police officers, one a deputy chief with 20 years of service, have been removed from their positions for being members of KKK. 

Caswell, Forsyth, Surry and Stokes counties have BB guns, air pistols and air rifles listed as “dangerous firearms,” prohibiting their unsupervised use by people age 12 or younger. So much for that Red Ryder for Christmas, kid! What that means is anyone 12 or younger must have adult supervision, along with authorization from a parent or guardian, to shoot one of the “dangerous firearms.”

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