I’m angry, I’m sickened and I’ve had enough

Published: Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 01:08 PM.

A man is given a life sentence (L-I-F-E) for murdering his stepchild (a second grader) over a TV remote control dispute. Obviously this person is dangerous. Instead of serving life, he is released into society where within one year, two women are now dead or presumed dead.  How fair is this to law abiding citizens?

A beautiful little 8-year-old boy, Martin Cobb of Virginia, is dead. He came to the rescue of his 12-year-old sister who was being strangled and sexually assaulted by a 16-year-old male. The attacker allegedly struck the child with a brick and killed him. The press won’t print the attacker’s name because he is considered a minor.  I’m sorry, but this person has already determined his place in society. Lock him up and throw away the key, but unfortunately the sad truth is this young man will be out before he is 25 and someone else’s loved ones will be in danger. This is what is wrong with our society and the “system” not the law abiding individuals who do what is right and fair every day.

This last week I had the amazing pleasure to meet a man (and his family) who live in rural New York State. He owns 24 acres of farm land, a prosperous business that employs over 20 people, he cares for his children, pays his taxes, goes to church and wears his seatbelt. He is doing what is right. But due to recent, overbearing new rules in the state, he could be facing 141 years in prison for doing something that is perfectly legal in all the states around him, including ours. 

Mr. Jones (as we shall call him), has owned an AR-15 for over 10 years. He belongs to a gun club, he hunts and has committed no crime, until now that is.

You see, the once great state of New York (yes, I can say that since I was born there and now I am terribly concerned for its well-being due to some questionable politicians) has gone off the deep end. The new “Safe Act” that was passed in a midnight session and put into law without any interaction with the actual voters or residents, now makes it highly illegal for Mr. Jones to own even an empty 30-round magazine for his rifle. Each empty magazine is considered a class D felony. Let’s do some math here, shall we? If he has three empty magazines that would bump up to a class C felony; and if they are loaded, well then it is double and after three felonies he would automatically be given life in prison. 

Now Mr. Jones has not murdered anyone, he has not robbed a bank or raped a woman, but now, he would face a greater punishment than someone who had done any of those. Where is the fairness in this? Why are the law abiding being strung out and emotionally beaten while those that kill, rape and rob are being slapped on the hand and dumped back into society for us to deal with? This is a problem for all of us and if you don’t think so, open a local paper or watch the news. 

Sneads Ferry is dealing with a man right now who is walking the streets and is very dangerous. Hampstead had the unidentified remains of a woman in their woods. Wilmington is so overrun with gang members that no one really knows how fast their numbers are growing and how far they will reach. When a man given a life sentence is put to death for shooting a young woman and watching his friends bury her alive, that is justice. When the concoction he is given doesn’t kill him right away and he suffers a heart attack — well, I hope that means the spirit of that poor woman was standing right beside him laughing. What it doesn’t justify is a group of concerned people worrying about this poor murderous pig and the fact that he may have suffered for 1 minute. Too bad. 

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