How to speak ammo

Published: Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 02:30 PM.

Ladies, let me help you with this simple task.

Men will always send you to a store with a list of products expecting you to come back with the right thing with only a bit of information. My husband did this to me once with plumbing supplies. Let me inform you it nearly led to a divorce! That poor salesman was certainly contemplating if his $8 an hour pay was worth having to tolerate all my angry and frustrated phone calls to a husband who could only hear half of my words due to poor reception in a big box store.

So let’s nip this future frustration in the butt, shall we?

If your list includes .22 ammo ask him: .22 long rifle, long or short or .22 Magnum? Hollow point or round nose? Standard or high velocity (stingers)? Copper or lead nose? Subsonic? (primarily used for revolvers, bolt action rifles or pistols equipped with a suppressor). Most .22 is sold in 50 or 100 round boxes. “Bricks” are bulk 500-plus round boxes (hard to find right now) of the .22 long rifle target rounds.

If your list includes .380, .38, .9, .40 or .45 pistol ammo ask him: Target or self-defense (hollow point)? What grain? (example: 165 or 180). Rule of thumb — target rounds come 50 to a box, self-defense are usually 25 rounds. For new gun buyers, we always recommend breaking in a gun with target rounds.

If your list includes .357 ask him:Magnum or Sig

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